Sunday, October 30, 2011

Foreclosure-mill Halloween party photos show contempt for foreclosure victims

For some reason I haven't been able to determine, Halloween seems to be a big deal for Satanists, perhaps because it serves as a hint that witchcraft consists largely of astral projection, a form of clairvoyance which allows perception of the astral realm. Perhaps they also like to think that they have roots in paganism, which arose in response to mankind's gradual loss of his atavistic unthinking clairvoyance, with which he communed with the spiritual world and obtained guidance from it. Dionysian abandon was part of the attempt to revive this clairvoyance, and it appears to me that Satanism's Dionysian aspect was grafted onto the Dionysianism of paganism. So, it seems to me that this would be the main connection between paganism and Satanism. Another possibility is that Halloween trickery can become SRA with a little twist, and then there's the perspective that possession is a matter of a Satanic spirit using a human body as "mask," although this perspective would be kept secret from potential recruits. So, all I have is speculation.

In a previous post, I offhandedly mentioned that organized Satanism is having a field day foreclosing on people, threatening to do so, and watching them grovel for more favorable terms, only to give them nothing or next to nothing in return. The large number of vacant homes shows that their priority is to inflict suffering/SRA, and thanks to their prostitutes in the federal government, they can afford to let them sit empty, fall apart, and become blights and havens for criminal activity. Once in a while, they'll sell a foreclosed home to someone they favor at an incredibly low price, undercutting the values of the rest of the homes in the area (whose prices would have been allowed to fall, along with the price of the mortgage, if the "free market" weren't rigged by massive government intervention on behalf of the banks).

Now, an article has appeared on the internet, which claims to show photos from a Halloween party from last year, in which employees of a major "foreclosure mill" are shown mocking those they have made homeless. Assuming these photos are genuine, they would seem to indicate their enjoyment of destroying lives, or their efforts to cultivate the ability to enjoy destroying lives.