Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gabriella Carlizzi's "morality"

In the past decade, Perugia’s Monster hunt effectively steamrolled anyone who got in its way. In an unbelievable spectacle of accusations and legal actions more than 20 people found themselves entangled WITHOUT A SHRED OF EVIDENCE. No theory was too outlandish as Mignini, Giuttari and Carlizzi played off of each other.

So, while they wore their supposed conservative Catholicism on their sleeves (isn't that one the first sentences in any introduction to Mignini and Carlizzi?), their deeds proved them to be monsters who were willing to crush people (including by putting them in solitary confinement) on the basis of their (Mignini's and Carlizzi's) supposed religious belief. Furthermore, their "Catholicism" seemed to consist of their supposed crusade against Satanism, combined with supposedly obtaining inspiration for their crusade from an apparently saintly Catholic priest who had passed away. So, their "conservative Catholicism" was actually just a thin veil over their de facto Satanism. As Christ reportedly said, "by their fruits ye shall know them."