Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Guilter" blogger gets top billing, draws heavy fire

In a search for news on Amanda Knox and Giuliano Mignini (who has apparently disappeared from the face of the planet), I found that top billing had been given to Remembering Amanda Knox’s lie, which I addressed in a previous entry, but this time posted in a Washington Post blog by the author. At first, I didn't notice any comments, and I felt compelled to ask the author how much he got paid for his lie, but then I noticed the comments, which pretty much tore the author a new one and made it clear that we are not buying the lies about Knox any more, and that a lot of people are still interested in news about her.

In fact, not even the article's author believes his lies - it's part of the ongoing psywar against Knox, to try to finish what Mignini started, perhaps even before the "poor unfortunate" Guede butchered Meredith Kercher.

Interestingly, Guede hasn't been subjected to any interrogations, PROBABLY BECAUSE HE'S WORKING FOR MIGNINI, helping him to pin the blame on innocent, sacrificial lambs. (We're supposed to believe, at worst, that he started "cooperating" with Mignini after his arrest, to get a good deal. The truth is probably worse.) He might not have completely gotten away with murder, but he's hardly paying the price that he should, or that Knox did.

One of the posts made it abundantly clear that Lumumba was subjected to some fairly nasty SRA while in custody. (Guede, on the other hand, apparently HASN'T been subjected to SRA. I have yet to hear anything about Sollecito's treatment.) It also exposes the racism of Mignini's police-buddies, or at least SRA disguised as racism. The fact that Lumumba isn't going after Mignini just goes to show that the "war on terror" (Satanic reign of terror) is being waged in Italy too. Italy, a hostage to organized Satanism, apparently has a collective case of Stockholm Syndrome.

This also shows that the internet is destroying the Establishment's power to control our beliefs to a large extent, although it reserves its really slimy tactics for really important issues, such as disguising the destruction of Libya as "democratic liberation," and conning us into taking large doses of D3 to weaken our immune systems.

Because of the intense media coverage and the internet, it was like millions of people were in the courtroom for Knox's trial, which Mignini hated because he couldn't cram his pathetic lies down our throats with his terror tactics. He tried to stifle Perugia Shock because it was one of the early sources of inside information, and it probably deserves a lot of credit for getting the truth-snowball rolling down hill.