Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Guilters" going after key Knox supporters

Another tactic of the pro-guilt group is to attack supporters of Amanda Knox in an attempt to not only silence them but to disrupt their lives. They have repeatedly sought out personal information for Amanda's supporters and have even gone as far as to contact their employers on numerous occasions.

In this case, the "guilters" couldn't win in a fair fight of evidence and logic, so they sought to ruin the lives of those who had a habit of making them look bad, probably by telling their employers lies about them. This speaks volumes about their true goal, which is to destroy anyone possible. Ultimately, their target isn't just Knox, but the entire human race. Going after Knox is a way to torment millions by tormenting a young woman, and then creating a conflict involving millions or billions around it. The forces of evil seek to create conflict for the sake of conflict. I take the opportunity to get "behind" them and expose them, and not just get caught up in the conflict.

The referenced article is quite a long one containing many emails between one of the main guilters (whose website exhibits the typical "guilter" love of twisting everything into its opposite) and a young woman whom he was apparently trying to get under his thumb. He shows signs of being a sort of psychic predator on young women, which is precisely what the "guilters" are doing to Knox, but on a far larger scale and with the assistance of the Italian "justice" system. So, once again, it is made abundantly clear that their interest is not in obtaining justice for Kercher, but in crucifying Knox.