Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How long has Kercher killer Rudy Guede been working for Mignini?

"They want us to believe that Rudy Guede, 21, is the only guilty one, but we don't believe in fairy tales," Mignini told the court. "This is a trio ... two young people from good families and that poor unfortunate, abandoned by his father ... who has to pay for all of them."
Knox persecutor Giuliano Mignini, quoted in Closing arguments in Amanda Knox trial

Why is Mignini so sympathetic with Kercher's actual killer, Rudy Guede, who wasn't subjected to an abusive interrogation? He was obviously being protected by the authorities up to the point where he alone butchered Kercher, and raped her as she died. So, is he a psychopath, or a Satanist acting on orders of organized Satanism? Maybe he is already Satanically possessed, or was temporarily overshadowed by the Spirits of Darkness. Does this explain why Mignini tried to pin the murder on Lumumba, and why Guede supported Mignini's changing lies and got such a good deal? Why did Guede kill Kercher, instead of just running, after supposedly being caught in the act of burglary, into the protective arms of his police buddies? They probably would have given him a slap on the wrist and released him, precisely as they had done before.