Friday, October 21, 2011

Is Carlizzi's "divine inspiraton" the inadmissible "proof" of Knox's "guilt?"

However, many skeptics are not so readily willing to drop Amanda Knox's name from this case. The fierce and outspoken HLN host Nancy Grace explained her reliable outlook on the situation.

"I was very disturbed because I think it is a huge miscarriage of justice," Grace said. "I believe that while Amanda Knox did not wield the knife herself, I think that she was there, with her boyfriend, and that he did the deed, and that she egged him on. That's what I think happened."

When asked about interviewing Knox, Grace replied, "I'm not trying to get Amanda Knox's first interview because my show does not pay for interviews. Second, I don't think she's going to tell the truth anyway, so what's the point?" [Projection?]

This merciless verdict seems to be a general consensus of both the American and Italian publics.

Much like the Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson trials—arrows can be pointing in one direction all day long, but if scientific evidence is lagging, murderers will walk away free.

At the end of the day, society would rather be served an interesting story than a true one.

Note that the article implies that Nancy Grace - who was either duped by the effort to destroy Knox's soul, or part of it - is "reliable," that most Italians and Americans believe that Knox got away with murder, and that we all somehow KNOW she's a killer, who got away with it only because "scientific evidence is LAGGING." (In other words, the physical evidence is out there, but it just hasn't been discovered yet. )

The point of the article appears to be to convince Knox that the world hates her, and to insinuate that there is some inadmissible evidence that PROVES she's guilty (such as a "psychic reading" by Mignini's "consultant" Gabriella Carlizzi, a likely literal witch whose actual passion was lying and destroying lives), and that some solid evidence will eventually come along.

A little research into the Mignini-Carlizzi partnership was sufficient to expose their game:
In 1995 Michele Giuttari took over the MOF [Monster of Florence] investigative squad and by 2002 he had joined forces in a holy war against the Order of the Red Rose (a medieval satanic sect) with Mignini and Gabriela Carlizzi, a spirit channeler. [Note that the Order of the Red Rose is a variation on Venice's fantasy version of the Rosicrucians. The original Rosicrucian order was an actual medieval Mystery school. Venice's fantasy-version of Rosicrucianism was the original front for Satanism, soon followed by the Scottish Rite, the Golden Dawn, etc.]
FOR OVER FORTY YEARS [!!!] those accused of being the Monster or being connected with the Monster have had their lives destroyed as they and their families suffered from slander, finger pointing, shunning, imprisonment, lost jobs and ruined careers. The sixteen families who lost loved ones have waited for decades hoping that Il Mostro would answer for his crimes and although the police investigated 100,000 Italian men [supposedly], most without their knowledge, the real killer remains elusive. [The police probably just claimed to be looking intensely to give the impression that they didn't already know who did it (just like the ONGOING Ripper "investigation"), and to create a witch-hunt atmosphere.]

In the past decade, Perugia’s Monster hunt effectively steamrolled anyone who got in its way. In an unbelievable spectacle of accusations and legal actions more than 20 people found themselves entangled without a shred of evidence. NO THEORY WAS TOO OUTLANDISH AS MIGNINI, GIUTTARI AND CARLIZZI PLAYED OFF OF EACH OTHER. The mutilations became ‘obscene wafers for Satanic Rituals.’ An actor, writer and tramp were accused of being Il Mostro. The rich and famous were ORR Masterminds. A body was ‘switched twice’ by the ORR to fool authorities. The Satanic Trio saw signs of the Order of the Red Rose everywhere and Carlizzi spun fantastic tales of its perversion reaching into the highest offices and the wealthiest families, even recruiting novitiates on the campuses of the University of Washington and Leeds University. Be careful! That Husky might be a Satanist!

But note that the article indicates that Mignini and Carlizzi worked together on fantasy-versions of Satanism, which Mignini then superimposed on reality with lies and brute force. (Further evidence that Mignini got his fantasies from Carlizzi can be found in Masonic theory that put Knox in the dock.) Carlizzi had been convicted of defamation before, but this didn't prevent Guittari and Mignini from again using her as a "consultant," perhaps because, as reported in the aforementioned article, she claimed to be "divinely inspired":
The similarities between the “human sacrifice” blog and Mr Mignini’s account might be considered a coincidence, except for the fact that Ms Carlizzi and the prosecutor know each other well. Ms Carlizzi has been giving unsolicited advice to criminal investigations up and down Italy for many years. The wealthy Roman wife of an architect, and a devout Christian, she was for years the disciple of a charismatic priest called Padre Gabriele. Gabriele died in 1984, and she claims has been sending her messages from the other side. “It’s he who lights me up with intuitions,” she explained to Corriere della Sera. “Then I investigate, I dig. And when I have concrete elements I go to the judges.”
These "concrete elements" were in fact just barely-plausible links between her lurid fantasies and the real world. Later, Mignini disavowed his connection to her, again showing his disregard for truth.

Incredibly, The Monster of Florence Claims New Victims asserts that Mignini's motive for going after Knox was to create a DISTRACTION from his indictment for abuse of office in the MoF case! If anything, going after Knox would demonstrate a pattern of abuse. Indeed he was convicted, but not even this was enough to put an end to his reign of terror. He was simply shuffled into a pack of prosecutors as an assistant, and went right back to crucifying Knox.

I surmise that this was organized Satanism's way of spitting in our faces, daring to recognize that Mignini is effectively above the law. The higher court is obviously working with Mignini, although its role is more subdued and "objective." He was probably indicted and convicted mainly to protect the "justice" system's image.

So, it seems to me that Carlizzi's "divine inspiration" is the basis for this supposed quasi-religious belief in Knox's guilt, assuming that ANYONE still truly believes in it. Mignini and Coven probably assumed that Knox would never be able to get out of their swamp of lies, and that Carlizzi's reputation would remain intact. But when it became apparent that Knox's supporters had organized an invasion, and that their lies were going to be exposed, their "divine inspiration" had to fade into the background, where it apparently remains, whispering "good Italians believe that Knox is guilty."