Sunday, October 16, 2011

Is Guede a member of organized Satanism?

It had to be an anticipated result of Amanda Knox and Rafaele Solliceto being acquitted of murder that their alleged accomplice during the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher would now demand a retrial. CBS News reported that Valter Biscotti, Rudy Guede's attorney will be seeking a retrial for his client and he isn't planning on giving away his game plan in advance.
She added that it's "devastating to watch your child in pain," and said she can't understand why Knox could serve 26 years for Kercher's murder, while with good behavior, Guede may spend only seven years in prison.

Guede isn't going to get a retrial - this announcement was just more slime heaped on Amanda Knox, the day after she was justly acquitted. It's ludicrous to think that even Italy's court system - that playground for organized Satanism that makes the Mad Hatter's Tea Party look sane by comparison - could get away with acquitting Guede, when all of the actual evidence indicates that he alone committed the murder (which is also why Knox was acquitted). Besides, he'll probably be released in a few years for good behavior, and then spirited away to Mexico to live out his wretched life with Casey Anthony in some enclave for Satanic fugitives from real justice.

If you assume that Rudy Guede is either part of organized Satanism, closely connected to Mignini, then the pieces start falling into place. For example, Mignini's sympathy for the "poor unfortunate" Guede, and the fact that he hasn't thrown every conceivable charge at him, or even some he richly deserves, such as perjury.

We know that Guede got a vastly reduced sentence for helping Mignini to crucify Knox, so perhaps he was working for Mignini when he committed the murder. We know he had a mysterious ability to escape prosecution for his crimes leading up to the murder, and that Mignini tried desperately to pin the murder on three innocents (one of organized Satanism's favorite pastimes) before the forensic evidence came back with overwhelming evidence of Guede's presence, and none for anyone else (at which time a couple of tiny specks "implicating" Knox and Sollecito were "discovered"). Perhaps Mignini had Knox, Sollecito, and Lumumba in his sights before ordering Guede to murder Kercher. (Note how hard he tried to pin it on Lumumba - even by twisting a texted message "see you later" into "evidence!") Unfortunately for him, Lumumba had a rock-solid alibi that Mignini couldn't destroy, as he did with Knox and Sollecito's hard drives.

Did Mignini know for a fact that the Monster of Florence case was the work of organized Satanism (which I surmise it was - to create "evidence" to support the fantasy-version of Satanism which it feeds us to distract us from the reality) because HE is a member of organized Satanism? We also know that he has a habit of projecting his evil onto others, so perhaps he committed one or more of the murders himself. Does this explain why he freaked out when someone started investigating the MoF case independently?

I think I'm made my basic point, and I'll probably have more to say about this eventually.