Monday, October 10, 2011

Italian "justice" system in butt-saving mode; were SoD's "mysterious others?"

In surprisingly frank remarks, judge Claudio Pratillo Hellmann said that the American and her boyfriend “maybe know” what really happened on the night that Miss Kercher was found stabbed to death in the house she shared with Miss Knox in Perugia.

The judge stressed in a television interview in Italy last night that the verdict handed down by the appeal court was a reflection of the “the truth that was created in the trial.”

“But the real truth could be different,” he said, adding: “They (Miss Knox and co-accused Raffaele Sollecito) COULD ALSO BE RESPONSIBLE, BUT THE PROOF ISN’T THERE.”

In fact, it's been proven that they weren't there, as anyone with an open mind can ascertain. So, they could NOT have done it. Hellman is probably under a lot of pressure to prevent the truth from coming out, and perhaps to support the ongoing persecution of Knox.

The fact is that the crime has been reconstructed in considerable detail by at least one expert, who concluded that the police used "evidence," which they themselves produced in the course of their initial inept processing of the crime scene, against Knox and Sollecito. So, we know exactly what happened, and that Rudy Guede did it.

The reconstruction reminds me of something I wrote previously, which is that Guede probably could have just left without being identified, because he was in the bathroom, and Kercher had gone into her room and closed the door. So he could have probably just slipped out quietly without her noticing, or covered his face so that she at least wouldn't have been able to identify him, if she saw him through her bedroom window as he left.

This in turn raises many questions, such as when he decided to rape and murder her (she would have recognized him because he had frequently played basketball within sight of the residence, as I recall reading, so he probably would have decided that he would have to kill her to get away with rape). Did he go to the apartment with rape-murder in mind, did he decide to commit the crime when she returned, or did the Spirits of Darkness (who might have been egging him on for quite some time, since he could see the residence as he played basketball nearby) push him over the edge? It's a stretch, but it would explain it. (Perhaps this is the mysterious "others" which Mignini and others insist were there, despite a lack of evidence that others were physically present.) This might also explain why he left so much evidence - they wouldn't care if he got caught. But then, maybe he assumed that he would be protected by the police.