Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Italy's fascist heritage serves as mask for Satanism

While they don't like others pointing it out, many Italians are well aware that their judicial system is dysfunctional. Silvio Berlusconi is absolutely right when he says the judiciary needs fundamental reform. The Italian judiciary, a holdover to a great extent from the Mussolini era, when Italy was a police state, acts with no checks and balances, in which prosecutors and police wield enormous power.

Well, and all this time, I thought it was Satanism, but I guess Italy, a supposedly largely Catholic country, with a chief prosecutor who claims to be Catholic, considers it acceptable to toss morality to the wind to allow some bastard to "save face" by running amok and destroying lives even after he was "initially" convicted of abusing his power in precisely the same manner. Does anyone really think he saved face? He looks more like a monster to me now than he did before "saving face."