Monday, October 31, 2011

Journalists closing in on Olsen's would-be killer (revised)

OAKLAND, Calif. -- The police officers on the center front line when tear gas was fired directly at Marine Scott Olsen are with the San Francisco Sheriff Emergency Services Unit (ESU.)
Three of the officers on the center front police line, from where the tear gas was fired and flash bang was thrown, have been identified. They are San Francisco Sheriff ESU officer Scott Bergstresser, officer Hugo Aparicio (both in top photo) and officer Ceciel Yambao.

Numerous videos identify the San Francisco Sheriff ESU officers. On the videos, an Oakland Police officer can be heard issuing commands.

The ACLU points out that the Oakland Police Department was already prohibited from using projectiles against crowds of passive resisters, as a result of a previous lawsuit.
"The ACLU of Northern California and the National Lawyers' Guild demanded a full investigation of Tuesday's events.

A full investigation? When has the ACLU ever breathed "Satanism" in any of their conclusions? What it would find if it were to seriously investigate this attempted murder - committed by a brave soldier in a war on his conscience, or by some pod who couldn't stifle the urge to kill - is Nietzsche-Satan's deep philosophy: might makes right.

This same philosophy can be seen in the narcissist Nerobama's habit of murdering by secret decree - just him, his Star Chamber, and his supermen/assassins. His appearances in public and the media serve as smokescreens for what he does in secret, and as reported here, a US Senator is trying to make it a felony to divulge such "classified" criminal activity. This bill would also allow the President to simply declare something to be classified, instead of having to first prove that it deserves to be classified. This is a perfect fit for Obama's God-complex.

Revision: Added last two sentences.