Monday, October 10, 2011

Kerchers acting like idiots, probably for cash

The olive branch from the Sollecitos may offer some crumb of comfort to the Kercher family, who have been left dazed by the overturning of the pair's murder conviction.

While Miss Knox returned to a triumphant homecoming in Seattle, with a pizza party and wine, lucrative television offers flooding in and her tear-stained, relieved face splashed across the world's screens, the Kerchers said they were "back to square one."

If Miss Knox and Mr Sollecito were innocent, they asked, then who killed Miss Kercher? If they were nowhere near the scene of the crime, then why were their recollections of their whereabouts so hazy?

And if no one has confessed to the murder, will they ever know the truth?

So I guess Migninni was too busy calling Knox a she-devil to get around to some of this powerful evidence. According to the Injustice in Perugia website, Sollecito had evidence that he was on his computer at the time of the murder (which is known to the minute, because Kercher was on her phone at the time Guede attacked), so the police "accidentally" erased his browsing history, which sounds about right for these malignant knuckledraggers.

As for whether the Kerchers will ever know the truth, it appears that they're just pretending that they don't already know the truth, and that they're accepting bribes to recite lines which insinuate that Knox and Sollecito (along with their families) are diabolical geniuses and the best actors ever, and that they got away with murder despite Mignini's crusade, in order to continue to torment Knox, Sollecito, and their sympathizers, or to distract them from Satan's war on civilization and mankind. I think that Knox should sue them and the various media outlets for these insinuations, which are just sad, especially for one of the major British news publications.