Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kerchers: saving Mignini's face

PERUGIA, Italy (AP) — One family's judicial triumph has left another stunned and wondering who exactly murdered a daughter and sister who had only just arrived in Italy for a study abroad program.
Before the verdict, the Kerchers expressed hope the decision would be made based on the facts, and not on media hype that has surrounded the case. The three family members appeared dazed when the verdict was read out in court. Older sister Stephanie Kercher shed a tear and her mother Arline looked straight ahead.
"Definitely we had a David and Goliath situation," Maresca said. "In the sense that there was this enormous disproportion because the Kerchers never turned to the media."

This from a guy who displayed Meredith Kercher's autopsy photos in open court, with the media taking photographs. Oh, yeah, he really cares about her memory. I suspect that organized Satanism will figure some way to "leak" them onto the internet, as a hint of what Knox's ordeal really was: SRA. I half suspect that Guede murdered Kercher as part of organized Satanism, which periodically commits some grisly murder and pins it on as many innocent people as possible while ignoring any evidence that would lead to the actual killer. Mignini did precisely this in the Monster of Florence case. When independent investigators apparently started closing in on the actual culprit(s), Mignini went after the independent investigators!

In fact, all Maresca cares about is covering Mignini's ass, or whatever. They probably never figured that the Knoxes would be able to rescue their daughter from their clutches (which in a way symbolizes the American Revolution: escape from the clutches of the Venetian-British oligarchy, for a while), and are now faced with having to explain how they could have been so "wrong," or to pretend that the jury was manipulated by the Knoxes' "Goliath" PR machine. I assume that the Kerchers are being financially rewarded for helping to save the Great and Powerful Oz' bacon.