Sunday, October 2, 2011

Knox guards striving to extinguish their humanity?

I've recently written a couple of posts on the AIDS-scare incident in which one of Knox's Satanist guards posed as a doctor, told her she was HIV-positive (at which Knox would have laughed, if she knew that no such virus exists) in order to obtain details of her sex life, which were then published in a local newspaper. It was SRA upon SRA, and the prison officials have no leg to stand on but lies and sanctimony.

So, I started looking at the faces of the guards who have been photographed as they escort Knox to and from the courtroom. I have yet to see one who isn't studiously suppressing every trace of humanity, which is an aspect of Satanism. Perhaps they're afraid that their evil will show. I doubt it's a coincidence that this has been the case in every photo - not one expression of friendliness toward Knox, who according to her friends is one of the warmest people they know. (This is probably one reason Mignini decided to go after her: if he can snuff out her love, it will be a real feather in his cap.) The mere fact that she remained in Italy to help with the investigation, even though her mother urged her to get out, speaks to her innocence, and all the guards can do after years of getting to know her is act like robots. This is actually something similar to the treatment given to prisoners at Gitmo and at the black sites, like something out of a "Freddy Kreuger" movie in which a demon-possessed butcher wears a mask to symbolize his loss of identity.

Obama hasn't done anything about this hostage situation, which doesn't surprise me since he's a puppet of European Satanists.