Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Knox ordeal also intended as a huge distraction?

In addition to the various aspects I've already exposed about what is most succinctly described as the Knox ordeal, there's also its value to the Establishment as a distraction for millions of people who became consumed by it. A couple of years back, I declared that it reeked of SRA, and let it drop. Obviously my words of wisdom had little impact on the course of her ordeal, and nothing I could have written probably would have made much difference. So, it's just as well that I didn't become consumed by it.

My main interest at this point is using it as a means of exposing certain aspects of Satanism (such as how it operates right under our noses while projecting bogus forms of Satanism onto others, thus "demonizing" them, allowing them to be subjected to SRA).

Knox's ordeal began with a massive disinformation campaign that got her and Sollecito convicted, and convinced a lot of us that she was what Mignini claimed, followed by an energetic campaign to counteract the disinformation and to ensure that truth prevailed even in Italy's Satanic court system.

But I'm beginning to wonder whether those who campaigned to get Knox out had pure motives, or if they were actually interested in drawing us into the conflict. Was Knox targeted partly for being an American in order to distract Americans from what's going on here? Based on my interactions with a couple of the more significant pro-Knox groups, I gather that they know that the reality of Satanism is the "third rail" for anyone who wants to be taken seriously in a world secretly run by it. Instead of being interested in getting to the truth, it seems that they're more interested in creating conflict, keeping the discussion within the realm of the consensus reality, and maintaining our belief in happy endings.