Saturday, October 15, 2011

The big lie of Mignini's "face saving," and more aspects of Italy's big ass-covering campaign

Image: Italy's big ass

Another injustice against Knox (or rather, another projection of Mignini's evil onto her) didn't occur to me until just today: Knox's time-served sentence and order to pay 22,000 Euros for vaguely implicating Lumumba during the abusive "interrogation" during which she was put under tremendous pressure to implicate Lumumba, and which was run by none other than the Grand Inquisitor himself! Besides pinning the blame on her for Mignini's crime, it also "justified" her incarceration - and of course the trial, which was just an effort to get to the truth, right?

But if she had not been subjected to false arrest and an abusive interrogation, she never would have implicated Lumumba. The effect of this sentence is to distract us from the fact that there was no good reason for her arrest or incarceration, and that there would therefore have to be bad reasons.

So, the boycott against Italy should continue until they declare that there was never any good reason for arresting her, cover her legal expenses, and satisfy any other reasonable request she makes. It's too late to save face, because in the course of "saving face," Italy's government has shown its true, monstrous face. Now it should be concerned with saving a somewhat lower aspect of its anatomy.

If Mignini had made a mistake and wanted to save face, he would have admitted to making a mistake as soon as he realized it. But the fact is that he wasn't making a mistake, so he had no intention of saving face. It was just the beginning of his attempt to grind Knox's spirit into the dirt, to extinguish the spark in Foxy Knoxy's eyes, for purposes of Satanism. But because the world refuses to admit the existence of Beast-men with purely evil motives, the media was able to get away with explaining it as "saving face," and he was allowed to put Knox through hell for four years as the world watched. Now that he has stuck his "face" way out there, I hope to take advantage of the situation.