Monday, October 10, 2011

Lumumba also reciting scripts for organized Satanism

Speaking in a telephone interview with MailOnline from Poland, Mr Lumumba said: ‘I feel so angry. When I heard the verdict I was shocked for poor Meredith. I have always said that Amanda is a fantastic actress and that’s what she will always be for me.

'I spent two weeks in jail for something I didn't do because Amanda said I was the killer. I will never forget when the police banged on my door and took me away.

‘Meredith was the first victim in all this and I was the second. Because of what she said I lost my livelihood, I lost my job and now I have nothing - just my family, which is the most important thing for me’

Obviously, this guy is too terrified of the Italian "justice" system to blame who he really should be blaming, i.e. the police who badgered Knox into saying that she "confusedly" remembered Lumumba being at the murder scene, and who then subjected him to false arrest, like so many others whom Mignini targeted. He, like the Kerchers, is probably getting paid in cash to say these things, although Mignini or his successor might also be threatening him to get him to go along with their crusade against Knox, Sollecito, and their sympathizers.

A lot of his problems are probably due to the economic situation in general, and the added blow to Perugia's economy caused by Mignini's crusade against Knox, which has frightened a lot of potential students away.