Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mammon's British empire: who needs the federal government?

But it would be foolhardy to confuse the health of the debate in our nation's capital with that of the country as a whole, or the vitality of our federal government with that of our federal republic.

This is one of those feel-good fantasies, from some British-run "think tank" (imperial policy laundromat which washes the British pedigree off of the ideas it pushes) of an economy that can thrive despite the fact that the federal government is doing everything it can to destroy the global economy without being too obvious. Its object is to convince us that what the federal government is doing, and not doing, can be overcome by going around it, and I assume by having cities and states prostitute themselves to the very enemy which has turned the federal government from a force for good into its opposite.

The fact is that we need the tool known as the federal government in order to do things that only it can do, such as issue credit out of thin air for projects which we as a nation have decided are optimal solutions to national problems, and which more than pay for themselves over the long term, such as NAWAPA, flood-control systems, a maglev transport system, modern nuclear energy, and research into fusion energy.

Right now, that tool is under the control of our enemy, through that British-empire-filled shell known as Barack Obama, who is transforming into a modern Hitler right under our noses. How long before the night-time JSOC raids and disappearances of his enemies begins here in the US, now that Congress has given him carte blanche to piss all over the Constitution and murder Americans in other countries, as well as inconvenient washed-up imperial henchmen such as Gadhafi?

It won't be long until the above-referenced article, if it is remembered at all, will be recognized as the British imperial attempt to lull us into a false sense of security which it is.