Monday, October 3, 2011

Mignini still projecting his evil all over the place

Just before the final summing up in the Knox appeal began, Mignini discussed his handling of an older case, the "Monster of Florence" serial killer, and his belief that his investigation of the 1985 death of a freemason, Francesco Narducci, that he linked to the case was mysteriously blocked.
The 16-month sentence he received for abuse of office last year after he ordered unauthorised wiretaps during the Monster investigation was a trumped-up charge that fit the pattern of persecution, he has argued.

This is just Mignini's way of trying to get us to forget what he has done to so many people, not because he's some deluded fanatic on a crusade to uproot evil, but BECAUSE HE IS EVIL.

My theory is that Mignini is a Satanist, and that as such, he would be part of Freemasonry's "inner circle." (Albert Pike, who wrote Morals and Dogma [> 78 19 40 > 137 > 11] was a Satanist too, and he would throw drunken orgies in the woods for a couple of days at a time.) So, Mignini would be complaining about a conspiracy about which he knows quite a bit, because he's part of it. It would be OK for him to complain about it, because it will help him to appear as a victim, distracting us from his crime spree, and it won't hurt Freemasonry, which was created for Satanism to use in any way it sees fit anyways.

Freemasonry's "ancient wisdom" is essentially a dumpster for what might have been wisdom in ancient times, but which is hardly suited for our current stage of consciousness. (That's not to say that there aren't some smart, well-informed Freemasons.) It was never meant to be understood, but to keep Freemasons busy trying to make sense of it. This is one sort of organization with which Satanism surrounds itself to interface to society. There's also Crowley's Magick, Wicca, Scientology, and many others. You might wonder where they get all the ideas for these organizations, and I suppose they would come from Satanic angels known as the Spirits of Darkness, who have made it their mission to spread confusion to prevent mankind from obtaining certain formerly secret spiritual information which the progressive hierarchy (the "good guys" in the spiritual world) have decided mankind is ready to receive.