Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mignini wasn't just a delusional fanatic, but deliberately evil

Sollecito's alibi was confirmed by computer forensic evidence which indicated he downloaded a cartoon at 9:10 pm and watched the cartoon until 9:46 pm. The coroner's report indicated Meredith was killed no later than 9 pm so it was ignored and an imaginary time of death of 11:31 pm was established.

Later the crime lab destroyed three hard drives by applying too much voltage so the hard drives can't be examined unless they are repaired, but the repair has not been allowed.

Raffaele's mobile phone records established the exact time he used his phone so his guessing about the time he used his phone was said to be lies.

A girl visited Raffaele's apartment at 8:40 pm and Amanda greeted her at the door. Meredith returned home about 8:54 pm and did not realize Guede was in the apartment. GUEDE ATTACKED MEREDITH AT 8:56 PM AS SHE WAS CALLING HER MOM FROM HER BEDROOM. THE CALL WAS INTERRUPTED IN LESS THAN 5 SECONDS AFTER IT WAS MADE.

I assume that I too am dismissed by a lot of people as some crackpot with a fixation on Satanism (although not many crackpots get threats in the form of F-16's roaring by a couple of hundred feet overhead), but this excerpt shows that Mignini has been actively suppressing exculpatory evidence, or at least not requesting that the hard drives be repaired and examined. Nobody does that unless they know that the evidence would exonerate the accused, meaning that it can be proven in court that Mignini put Knox and Sollecito through four years of hell while knowing that they were innocent. Those hard drives should still be examined, if for nothing else than to put an end to all the speculation about whether they were involved, assuming they haven't been conveniently "lost."