Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mignini's remaining "case": projecting his crimes onto Knox

Mignini: "Rats, I've been made!"

Seattle student Amanda Knox and her Italian ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito are appealing an Italian court verdict that found them guilty of murdering 21-year-old Kercher in 2007 during a drug-fueled erotic game that turned violent.
In the breathless Knox-obsessed media coverage, "Mez" -- whose half-naked body bearing more than 40 gashes and bruises was found in her Perugia apartment -- has disappeared from view, said Francesco Maresca, a lawyer for the Kercher family.

"The whole world has forgotten about Meredith and her family," Maresca, a Florence-based lawyer, told Reuters.

"One always thinks of the defendants, their families, the suffering of their families and the victim is forgotten."

Knox, in large part, can thank her family for keeping her at the center of global media attention, Maresca said. "They have done a huge public relations campaign to free her that has created a fog around the trial."

And exactly what was Knox persecutor Francesco Maresca doing as he spoke with Reuters? Wasn't the entire media pretty much HIS PR-machine until recently? Is his actual complaint that some truth is finally getting out?

The prosecution has demonstrated its actual attitude toward Meredith Kercher's memory by "accidentally" creating the possibility for her shocking AUTOPSY PHOTOS to end up on the internet - just as the police "accidentally" destroyed the hard drives which probably contained alibis for Knox and Sollecito, and then refused to let them be repaired. (Mignini should be required to explain why he has not demanded that these drives be repaired and examined, assuming they haven't conveniently disappeared.) The fact is that the "justice" systems of the world have been heavily infiltrated by organized Satanism, which of course is waging war on the human race, represented in this case by Amanda Knox. Reuters, the major media-tentacle most tightly connected to Mammon's oligarchy, is reporting the persecution's disgusting remarks in the guise of objectivity, but really as part of organized Satanism's effort to torment mankind. The article opens by gloating over the major injustice in this case, i.e. that they were found guilty of being part of Mignini's favorite, demonic sexual fantasy. (He obviously gets off on torturing young women. Perhaps the knife is a substitute for something that can no longer penetrate on its own.)

Since the Kercher's attorney ostensibly wants us to think about Meredith Kercher, let's think about her as she really is, and not as the bloody piece of meat this Satanist wants us to believe she is. The fact is that she's in the spirit world, probably hoping that her death won't be used for putting innocent people in prison for what would undoubtedly be decades of hell. Since she was a good person, she'll spend a minimal amount of time undergoing purification before ascending to Heaven, which will probably be a good experience for her. (Heaven isn't "heavenly" for everyone, although there obviously is no fear of death there.) Anything else I might write would be speculation. It's sad that she was murdered, but if the Kerchers think that destroying the lives of two more innocent young people will make them feel good, then they're sick or evil.

The legitimate purpose of the trial is not to remember her life, but to identify and punish the person or persons who murdered her, and to protect society from them. This primarily involves reconstructing the crime based on evidence and reason, not spinning fantasies and getting false convictions based on emotionalism.

Was it out of concern for Meredith, or justice, that the Kercher's Satanist-attorney showed her AUTOPSY PHOTOS in open court, with the media's cameras snapping away? No! It was intended to inflict emotional pain on everyone, but especially the Kerchers, and to shock the jury into an irrational hatred of Knox. He was performing a real-world Satanic ritual in the form of emotional abuse right under their noses, while practically in the same breath insinuating that Knox is a Satanist, and that she murdered Kercher as a result. (They dance all around this, but the fact is that THIS PROJECTION OF THEIR OWN EVIL ONTO KNOX IS ALL THAT REMAINS OF THEIR "CASE.") He claims to have forgotten to clear the court, and most people swallow this lie because they can't imagine anyone having a motive to do it deliberately. He's a piece of slime that got a law license in exchange for his soul.

Who but the persection team is fogging everything up? Knox's parents had to hire a PR firm TO TELL THE TRUTH and raise money for her defense. The claim that the Knoxes are spreading falsehoods is just another lie thrown out there by the persecution and robotically repeated by the media, partly to distract us from that fact that this "trial" is not about getting justice for Kercher, but about inflicting SRA on Knox and on pretty much everyone in the world who has become aware of this monstrous injustice. Charging the Knoxes with spreading disinformation is also part of the persecution's strategy of projecting its own crimes upon everyone else, to distract us from what it's doing. The bottom line is that they have to prevent us from realizing that THEY HAVE NO EVIDENCE, AND YET ARE TRYING TO THROW AN INNOCENT YOUNG WOMAN IN PRISON FOR A LIFE OF HELL, FOR PURPOSES OF SATANISM.

Most people assume that the prosecution team is simply deluded as a result of their fanatical beliefs about Satanism, and their desire to root it out. (Perhaps this is intended to discredit everyone who believes in the existence of Satanism.) This is the persecution's least-favored "fallback position" because they'd rather avoid coming off as deluded fanatics, although it's better having their actual purely evil motives exposed. Their preferrred fallback position is for us to belive that, like the Neo-cons, only they can see the evil thing, so I suspect that Knox will be acquited, while Mignini and Co. will be allowed to claim that she pulled the wool over everyone eyes but theirs. I think that's the best possible realistic outcome, and I hope that the judge will say whatever is required to acquit them, even at the cost of letting a bunch of legalistic criminals go free.