Monday, October 17, 2011

No, Knox isn't the only victim on the planet

I've indicated previously that my fixation on Amanda Knox is due to the fact that the case has such a high profile, and because organized Satanism has gone way out on a limb to "get" her. However, there are many other examples of such victims; in fact everyone on the planet is a victim of Satan to some extent.

Evil is a great mystery, and I don't want to give the impression that I'm some kind of an expert on it. It, along with suffering, are necessary to some extent for our proper evolution, and they are results of the free will which God gave us. I've concentrated on certain aspects of Satanism which are particularly evil ("radically evil" in Rudolf Steiner's opinion) and on the 8th Sphere agenda of black magic, which is pure evil because its purpose is to destroy mankind forever. I'm not qualified to explain the subtler aspects of evil, and that's all I can say about that. According to Rudolf Steiner, Lucifer and even Satan ("Ahriman") might be redeemed in the distant future, but not the Devil.

The forces of evil have tried to implement the 8th Sphere agenda in a few previous epochs, and failed, but that doesn't mean that we can assume they'll fail without our awareness and resistance, because now that we've attained our current form of consciousness, characterized by scientific thought, we also bear more responsibility for our future.

I actually don't even know whether exposing Satanism is such a good thing, but I feel driven to do it, and I doubt that I'm being driven to do it by evil spirits, who actually have a horror of a mind which is preoccupied with the study of Anthroposophy, according to Steiner, and I suppose of minds preoccupied with similar subjects. A psychologist would probably be able to provide some insights into my motivation.

But in general, the worst victims of our insane governmental policies are victims of Satanism. For instance, most of the soldiers in the "war on terror," and their families, are such victims - some more than others, obviously. Families being thrown out of their houses because of our government's evil economic policies which are interfering with the actual market mechanisms they claim to worship, but then that's the "free market," which is actually totally rigged. (Housing prices and payments should fall because the underlying economy cannot support them, essentially. The existing policies are good for nobody except organized Satanism, which is having a field day tormenting people over losing their homes, and essentially stealing real estate hand over fist.)

But like I wrote above, evil and suffering are necessary to some extent. As Leibniz wrote, this is the best possible world. Perhaps my attempts to understand and expose certain aspects of evil are therefore not evil in themselves. Ultimately, I don't know.