Saturday, October 15, 2011

NY Post columnist has some of that "secret evidence" on Knox

As she sprinted out of court for the last time, Knox made a pretty spectacle, sobbing and sniffling as onlookers mobbed her. But then, I caught sight of something Knox didn’t want me to see.

She grinned, and heartily.
I’m outta here, suckers!

Aha! There's the "evidence" that she did it! Forget the entire appeal trial! She alone saw this and she alone reported this. This one expression, not captured by any camera despite the room being filled with video cameras aimed at her face, proves Knox's guilt, and it's up to us to DISPROVE it!

The only problem is that this is probably just another lie from some humanoid of the sort that hates Knox for her freedom (i.e. for having a human spirit, instead of being an appendage of Satan).

Casey Anthony "pretty?" Well, perhaps, if not for the fact that she positively sends chills down my spine every time I see her. There's just something inhuman-looking about her, and her story about her daughter's demise is insane.