Friday, October 28, 2011

Official history of Knox ordeal is in the fab shop

Guede was a known petty thief with a history of second story break-ins and threatening people with a knife. A rich benefactor had tossed him out because he would not attend school or work and was "a habitual liar." He was known to bother girls in the clubs and was banned from one club because he tried to rob the owner. He had been caught in a nursery school six days before the murder with a knife and stolen property from an earlier burglary. The day of the murder he was in trouble with his landlady for non-payment of rent; he was burglarizing Meredith’s apartment when she came home alone.
Mignini was angry, humiliated and he was losing Face; this powerful man needed a way to draw attention from himself. On November 2, 2007, just after 1pm, he got what he wanted, a British student had been murdered and there was an American girl at the scene.

Well, those are the cover stories anyways. I've gone over them before, so I won't do it here except to say that the organized Satanism is in the details.

I found this article by monitoring tweets at the Injustice In Perugia website. Another of the tweets for today indicated that "Michael Winterbottom Amanda Knox movie going for LAME 'We may never know the truth' theme." So, it's clear from this and The Ministry of Truth issues its position on the Knox ordeal that the official history of this case is being put in place in the form of the usual banal cover stories for evil.