Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oh, they're just trying to save Mignini's face!

Amanda Knox has been bombarded with hate mail since being released from prison after her conviction for murdering Meredith Kercher was overturned on appeal.

Since Knox was released from an Italian prison, where she served four years for Kercher’s brutal murder, she and her Seattle based family have received "disgusting" letters containing "things you would not want to have said about your daughter," her father Curt told The Sun.

“There have also been phone calls,” the company finance director added.

This just confirms my previous statements to the effect that Knox is being targeted by organized Satanism, which will do anything necessary to make her life miserable. Mignini is just one of their legalistic henchmen. They're everywhere, and there is obviously little if anything too low for them to do.

If you want to keep secrets from them, don't put them on an internet-connected computer, period, unless first encrypted with an unbreakable system such as the one-time pad. The NSA can spy on the contents of your hard drive at will, so if you think that you can put the unencrypted message on your computer, encrypt it, and then send it, you might as well just send the unencrypted message to your worst enemies. Don't assume that you can simply erase the unencrypted message either, because Windows for example copies everything entered into memory into a secret area on the hard drive, which the NSA uploads at their convenience if you're being targeted by organized Satanism.

If they start a campaign of sleep deprivation against her, God help her and her family, because they don't care whose lives they'll have to destroy to get her. (Like I said, there is nothing too low for them, as long as you can't prove that it happened and who did it.) Massive, nonresonant and soft barriers such as an R-House by Hesco Bastion or the blast barriers used in Afghanistan by the US military might be part of a solution, but because they also do fun things such as bash massive weights against the ground to create ground-shocks that penetrate everything, it might also be necessary to have a means of isolation from ground vibrations (such as a nonresonant platform suspended from springs - such as ganged screen-door springs - with a 1 Hz system resonant frequency, and topped by a nonresonant mattress such as one made of memory foam). If you think this would be the perfect crime, and yet you have a soul and decide to do it anyways, you will eventually be required to experience the entirety of the effects it had on your initial target and on everyone subsequently affected by his/her inability to perform optimally. Suppose s/he causes a car wreck, killing or injuring someone such as a surgeon. You will experience all of the "ripple" effects, which are unpredictable and can be enormous, after you pass on. So, even if you aren't motivated by compassion to do the right thing, at least be motivated by selfishness.

Knox should consider carrying a camera with her, and/or a hidden microphone and an audio recorder, to prevent harassment. (Once she gets a camera, word will get out, and they'll stop.) She should also always keep physical security in mind wherever she goes.