Sunday, October 2, 2011

The oligarchy telegraphs its insinuations about Knox (revised)

Amanda Knox was Sunday putting the finishing touches to a speech which could make the difference between her being acquitted of murdering Meredith Kercher or spending the next two decades behind bars.

This "objective" article can be summarized as British Intelligence's threat - "convict, Italy, or else." I'll give them credit for including a statement from legal experts that she never would have been convicted in the US or Britain, but there are a lot of insinuations that were left hanging, as if they haven't been countered already.

Why should so much hang on her statement? The prosecution has provided nothing but lies and insinuations, and the main prosecutor has been convicted and will soon be "really" convicted of abusing his office for doing precisely the same thing in the Monster of Florence case. The article barely mentions the actual butcher, and that there was a lot of physical evidence of his presence at the murder scene but NONE of Knox's or Sollecito's presence. The persecution transparently fabricated some pathetic "evidence" (the supposed DNA on the knife and the bra clasp) and is still covering their tracks. The police "accidentally" fried the electronics on three hard drives that might provide Knox and Sollecito with alibis, and they refuse to allow them to be repaired. By now, they've probably been "lost."

The article mentions a short story written by Knox and posted to her MySpace account about a woman who is drugged and raped. It doesn't mention that it was a CLASS ASSIGNMENT TO WRITE A FRIGHTENING STORY - as opposed to a story about having fun - and that the teacher concluded that this story was not frightening enough. (see Knox's Parents on Her MySpace Story) Perhaps her mother warned her about such a possibility. Note that the story doesn't mention bloody murder.

The article closes by insinuating that the only way to honor the victim is to let the actual killer destroy two more innocent lives, meaning he would probably serve a couple of years for each life destroyed if he gets out in 2014 for good behavior. Of course, whenever he gets out, he'll get the Casey Anthony treatment for services rendered to organized Satanism, so that he doesn't end up being beaten to death and dumped in a sewer by a real Italian system of justice a few hours after release. Mignini, take heed, and disappear while you can.

Revision: Added last two sentences to next-to-last paragraph.