Monday, October 17, 2011

Ongoing psywar vs. Knox and "evidence"-manufacturing tactics

While trying to find recent information on Giuliano Mignini, the criminal prosecutor who persecuted Amanda Knox and continues to do so despite being convicted for crossing legal "red lines" while destroying the lives of about 20 innocent Italians, I found that a news outlet named Big Pond News [>11, just coincidentally] has been republishing old news on the case, so that when I searched for news from the last day, I ended up getting news from a couple of weeks ago. I suspect that the motive is to repeat these lies once again, perhaps to give Knox the impression that some news outfits will never be convinced that she is innocent. In fact, they know that she's innocent, but finding justice was never their goal - destroying her for purposes of Satan was the goal from the start. If not for he supporters, she would still be in prison, or in solitary confinement, as Mignini demanded, thus exposing his purely evil true motive of destroying her mind.

But one of the articles provided me with more evidence of one of the underhanded tactics they used to torment Knox as much as possible while they had the chance, perhaps knowing that she would go free because all of their "evidence" had vaporized under intense scrutiny, which they clearly hated because they knew that their "evidence" was bogus. This tactic was to ACT as if they had evidence, including by claiming that they intend to pursue the case until they win, no matter how long it takes (or until Italy goes so bankrupt that they can no longer pretend it hasn't been for a long time). The following passage illustrates this tactic:
An Italian prosecutor has accused American student Amanda Knox of trying to pin all the blame for a horrific murder on 'the black guy' and urged jurors not to absolve her as a verdict loomed in her appeal.
'If anyone's been crucified by the media, it's Patrizia Stefanoni' - the police forensic scientist whose work has been at the centre of the appeal and who was heavily criticised in an independent review of the DNA evidence.

Stefanoni has said she plans to sue after experts commissioned by the court cast doubt on two crucial pieces that helped convict Knox and her then boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito - a kitchen knife that is the presumed murder weapon and Kercher's bra clasp.
from Prosecutors slam Knox, verdict looms [Oct 1st article republished on Oct 17th]

First of all, note Mignini's tactic of projecting his own crimes onto Knox. It was HE who tried to pin the crime on Lumumba, partly by "interrogating" Knox for 14 hours (without recording it or providing a lawyer - both of which are ILLEGAL, although this didn't prevent this snake from effectively using her "confession" in her original criminal trial!). He might have intended to pin it on Lumumba even before the murder, and thus tie Knox and Sollecito to the crime. But because Lumumba had an alibi which not even the Great Mignini and all of his henchmen could destroy (as they did for Knox's and Sollecito's), he had to claim that three people who barely knew each other (Guede, Sollecito, and Knox) decided to get together and commit a murder in the apartment where Knox lived! (They supposedly used a knife from Sollecito's apartment, meaning that they supposedly planned to use it from the start.)

The rest of the excerpt demonstrates a twofold tactic of pretending to have evidence, and pretending to be so certain that it will stand up in court that they threatened to sue the DNA experts who blew it out of the water. Although I can't prove that they won't sue sometime within a reasonable time, I seriously doubt that they ever intended to go through with the threat, because it was all a bluff intended to sway the jury without actual evidence, and to torment Knox by giving her the impression that they might win, and that her nightmare would never end.

Shortly after her acquittal, the Italian justice system signalled that it intends to continue to wage psywar on her, first of all by insinuating that the appeal trial left some stone unturned, and that Knox has therefore not been PROVEN INNOCENT! In the real world, she has been proven innocent, good-hearted, intelligent and free (which is why she was targeted), and no US court will ever turn her over to that international laughingstock known as Italy's system of justice.

So, I assume that the Italian "justice" system will do its best to torment her by letting all the real criminals connected to her ordeal off as lightly as possible. For instance, Guede will probably be out in a couple of years, thus serving about 6 years for murder (most foul), rape, and perjury in a murder trial, and set up in some resort for Satanic fugitives from real justice, for services rendered to the Great Mignini. Mignini might be acquitted on his abuse of office conviction upon appeal, and given a parade with throngs of Italians cheering their pious combination of Eliot Ness and Tomás de Torquemada, like a conquering Roman general, but only because he would destroy their lives otherwise.