Saturday, October 15, 2011

Organized Satanism's SRA-campaign against Knox grinds on

Meredith Kercher’s parents are facing more pain after being forced to remortgage their family home.

John and Arline Kercher took out a new loan on the house after racking up huge bills travelling to and from Italy.

Of course Mignini and the Italian government bear no responsibility for their ordeal - they want us to believe that it's all Knox's fault, but why they can't quite say. The point is to simply keep slinging mud, and hoping that some will stick. Hopefully, Knox can see that nobody who has examined the evidence really believes she's guilty, and that not even those who have made a career of waging psywar on her believe the garbage they write.

Why aren't the Kerchers suing the government for allowing Rudy Guede to run amok, or for allowing Mignini to drag them through his four-year Satanic ritual? Mignini has even disappeared from the media and is free to continue his legalistic crusade against Knox DESPITE BEING CONVICTED FOR PRECISELY THIS SORT OF THING!

Boycott Italy until it throws a net over this rabid dog and declares Knox to be innocent once and for all! Now that Italy has exposed its insanity and evil, I'm surprised that anyone besides Satanists would want anything to do with Italy anyway.

However, if Knox strikes it rich, she might want to help the Kerchers keep their house until they can sue the Italian government.