Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Perugian court's dilemma

Now it's becoming clear to my why the court system which sponsored Mignini's Satanic ritual refuses to accept the fact that Rudy Guede killed Meredith Kercher by himself: because his current sentence was supposedly based on Mignini's fantasy that he killed her in league with Knox and Sollecito. (It was actually based on their intent to let him out after 7 years for good behavior, regardless of how he behaves.) So now that Knox and Sollecito have been vindicated and released, the court has had to come up with phantom partners for Guede, or some vague excuse to continue to pretend that Knox and Sollecito MIGHT have been involved, since they can't absolutely prove that they WEREN'T involved! It should be interesting to see how they resolve Mignini's fine mess.