Saturday, October 29, 2011

Putting Knox's ordeal into perspective

SRA is repetitive ("ritual") gratuitous cruelty of any kind which for each perpetrator escalates from something innocuous to whatever is required to accomplish its purpose, which is to open the soul of the perpetrator to possession by Satanic demons. This turns the human into an indirect puppet of Satan, whose goal is to destroy mankind, as symbolized by Skull & Bones' "class photos." The table holding the skull and bones symbolizes an Earth from which the human spirit has been driven, and the clock set to 8 symbolizes the so-called 8th Sphere, into which the forces of evil hope to drive the human spirit by cultivating a dread of Earth-life, combined with escapism into fantasy.

Advanced SRA takes the form of such things as "enhanced interrogation," torture, and "sectarian violence." There is always some "war" or some dictatorship with torture chambers to provide opportunities for advanced SRA. Secret flights by intelligence agencies facilitate this activity, by flying Satanists into the "war" zone, or "terrorists" from the "war" zone to the Satanists. Understanding the US Torture State provides some idea of prevalence of advanced SRA.

The typical entryway into Satanism is through orgies of Dionysian loveless abandon to sexual urges, which are apparently known to take place in Perugia, and which Mignini oddly doesn't find worth his while despite his belief that they lead to murder. The point is loveless abandonment to one's lowest urges. Nietzsche, who at times channeled Satan (such as for the entirety of The Anti-Christ), urged Dionysian abandon as a means of liberating "expansive energies," which are mysteriously absent from Maslow's hierarchy. In fact, these "expansive energies" are proto-human Satanic spirits who will become "human" during the next incarnation of our solar system. The Book of Revelation is partly a symbolic vision of the transition from its current incarnation to the next. Darwinism is an attempt by Satan to convince us that we're nothing but accidental combinations of particles, which are supposedly all that is eternal. Well, where are these particles? You just gotta BELIEVE! Without them, there is no Darwinism and no "superman" with the right to trample "slaves" underfoot, and Satan's "philosophical justification" for SRA evaporates.

Another aspect of Satanism is gratuitous lying, which is a form of cruelty. This can be seen in comments by "guilters," who would never let the facts stand in the way of their crusade to slime Knox. One or more of them put Kercher's autopsy photos on the internet, supposedly to remind us what Knox supposedly caused, but actually as a hint of their lack of soul and intent toward mankind, which Orwell called "the obliteration of the self." The Ripper (i.e. organized Satanism) also proclaimed this when he proclaimed the age of Satan, right after Satan finished dictating The Anti-Christ to Nietzsche.

The "Christian" Mignini said that Knox was unknowingly involved in a Satanic ritual. In fact, he was slyly referring to HIS Satanic ritual - her false imprisonment and "trial" - in which she was the VICTIM. He knew she was innocent from the start, and he intended to destroy her soul, starting out with months in isolation.