Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scott Olsen's would-be killer disappears into the woodwork

The incident has prompted an independent police review of the clashes, which Police Chief Howard Jordan said will determine IF officers on the scene used excessive force on Olsen and others.
Oakland Police yesterday released a statement that said they cannot speak for the actions of other law enforcement agencies on the scene. Other police forces from the Bay Area and Northern California were involved.
Since 9/11, this secretive group of men (and a few women) has grown tenfold while sustaining a level of obscurity that not even the CIA has managed. "We're the dark matter. We're the force that orders the universe but can't be seen," a strapping Navy SEAL, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said in describing his unit.

While the police are "investigating," they should also try to find their butts with both hands. Of COURSE the brave "superman" responsible for shooting Olsen in the head with a teargas projectile at point blank range (leaving him unable to talk, at least as of this writing) will get away with attempted murder - they're invisible, unaccountable appendages, or eventual appendages, of the Great One. Hold one truly accountable, and the Great One will begin to shiver. Instead, they'll throw millions of dollars if necessary into making it disappear, and send their untouchable piece of dark matter back for more training on how to hide Satanism in plain sight. It's also possible that they'll make a show of holding him accountable, but without really doing so.