Friday, October 28, 2011

Since when do we need a good reason for invading another country?

Map of Iran-region showing major sections of the Eurasian Land-Bridge

Reul Marc Gerecht, a former CIA agent who has long supported a war with Iran, said the U.S. must "not run away from that war, but run towards it," and that we must "tell the world we are more willing to have another front on the war on terror.... I don't think that you're going to really intimidate these people, get their attention, unless you shoot somebody."

Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.), the co-author of the "surge" in Iraq, said: "Let's not wring our hands. If the international community doesn't want to step up to it, we go without 'em. We've got to put our hand around their throat right now." He called for the U.S. to begin killing or capturing members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Quds Force, including its leader, Qasem Sulemani.

We'll no doubt find the WMD after we invade, right?

The map for this entry shows the real purpose for their fixation on Iran: the Eurasian Land-Bridge would go right through it (Iraq is partly covered in blue, which apparently represents the major rivers there), so that destroying this region is crucial for preventing the implementation of the Land Bridge, and thus destroying civilization and mankind. "Christian" Fundamentalism, which was created by the Satanic British empire, will provide the "Apocalyptic" cover story if it happens. This is precisely the sort of thing you'd expect pod people to be doing, i.e. starting an insane war which would destroy civilization, kill billions of people, and provide an opportunity for building an Orwellian/Satanic/fascist world order on the ashes, as part of Satan's agenda to drive the human spirit out of the world. This is really why Mignini was so determined to put Knox in a cage, being poked by Satanists, for the rest of her life.