Thursday, October 13, 2011

SRA is more effective if the victims are believed to be innocent

Another reason for abusing someone who is known to be innocent (as Mignini and Coven KNEW about Knox FROM THE START) is that this forces the abuse to be motivated by the mere fact that the victim is alive, as opposed to some normal human motive for hurting someone. This makes it more effective at aligning the abuser's will with demonic will.

So, although Knox might be relieved to learn that "the guilters" don't actually believe she's guilty, she might find their actual motives to be even more disturbing.

Once a person becomes demonically possessed, they are driven by INSTINCTS of destruction. However, these are tempered by the need to conceal his nature from society, and thus preserve his usefulness as a puppet. If the puppet is imprisoned or killed, it's not very useful. In contrast to a demon's cautious use of its puppet, the Spirits of Darkness evidently use people like Kleenex if it suits their purposes and if the person is weak. For instance, Loughner might have been possessed in this manner when he struck. However, they answer to Satan, who wants to keep a low profile, so there's a limit to how often they can send someone on a crime spree.

Based on my understanding of Rudolf Steiner's descriptions of demonic possession, the highest level of demons (i.e. their thinking) is normally separated from the lowest region (instincts) of the souls of humans by a "spiritual boundary." When the person aligns his/her will with demonic will as a result of SRA, an opening is created in this boundary, and demons suddenly enter the person's soul undetected and latch onto certain "control levers." This allows them to "modulate" the person's "sensuous urges," and thus partly or at times convert sexual urges into destructive urges. The act of causing harm then becomes PLEASURABLE, similar to having consensual sex. When these urges occur, they are accompanied by feelings which precede an attack by a normal human (i.e. anger, etc.), and by thoughts which "explain" the feelings. So, demonic possession can be disguised as a wide variety of psychological motives, and I suppose they could change in any particular individual from time to time.

This is why I would suspect any violent serial rapist to be possessed. Such rape is partly motivated by the desire to destroy a person (which rape clearly does to varying degrees) and partly for the pleasure.

Unraveling all of these motives is a job for a professional shrink, and it is my opinion that an awareness of the reality and nature of possession would help them to understand certain people. On the other hand, taking it seriously might be hazardous to their livelihood and even their life, so it might be best to leave it to "crackpots."

To most people, seriously injuring or killing others is traumatic. Not even soldiers feel pleasure when killing someone whom they have to kill - they try to do it quickly for obvious reasons, and they might feel relief that a threat has been eliminated, or nothing at all, at least at the time in the heat of battle, because they have become desensitized to killing when necessary (see But if they become so desensitized to killing that it doesn't even bother them to kill when they know there is no need, a dangerous line has been crossed.

I'm not even going to try to delve into the criminal mind here, because it is so complex. However, egotism and lack of compassion are major aspects of it, and I suspect that an awareness of the true nature of possession would shed some light on certain criminals.