Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When did Mignini first know about Guede's supposed robbery motive?

He has continued to pin Meredith’s missing 300 euro on the American student, even after cops found his DNA on the victim’s handbag and PROSECUTOR GIULIANO MIGNINI ADMITTED TO OGGI MAGAZINE THAT “RUDY REACHED INTO HER PURSE.” INEXPLICABLY HE ALSO KNEW ABOUT THE THEFT BEFORE IT APPEARED IN THE PRESS. Meredith was murdered on rent day, and Rudy’s landlady was looking for him, because he was out of cash. He’d also been abandoned by his rich foster family.

Mignini's early awareness of the theft might indicate that "botched robbery" was intended in advance to serve as the ultimate cover story for what I suspect was the actual motive: Satanism.

Even though Guede was eventually found guilty of Kercher's murder, his motive was never seriously considered in court or by the media, perhaps because doing so would expose the weaknesses in the "botched robbery" cover story, and threaten to expose what I suspect was the actual motive (Satanism). If the motive were robbery, he should have known that he couldn't get away with it without protection from low people in high places, because if he allowed Kercher to live, she would report him, and if he killed her, the police would identify him with forensics. So, he's either an idiot, or he was assured that he would be protected. Perhaps running off to Germany was intended to give the impression that he was simply shortsighted. [1]

The media then fed us the cover story in an offhanded manner so that we wouldn't think about it and recognize its absurdity. So, now that Mignini's jig is up and Knox and Sollecito are free, we've been left with the impression that the murder was the result of a botched robbery, and Satanism remains hidden.

I previously expressed suspicion that he was temporarily possessed by the Spirits of Darkness, and I suppose that's still possible, but I now tend to discount that possibility because of the indications that he was put up to it by organized Satanism, partly as a sort of "initiation," and partly to give Mignini another "Monster of Florence"-type case. I've written previously that Guede raped Kercher as she lay dying, but that was based on a potentially erroneous report. He did partially strip her, and there are reports that an apparent semen stain was found at the scene, but that the police declined to test it, using their typical lame excuses.

Another reason to doubt the cover story is that if Guede were so desperate for money that he was willing to rob people in their homes, it seems to me that he would have said something to his apparently wealthy foster father. It seems to me that his foster father's responsibility, and the responsibility of the police who turned a blind eye to Guede's pre-murder crime spree, are being swept under the rug, perhaps because excessive scrutiny would expose the contrived nature of their "botched robbery" cover story. Again, this is one of those areas where you would expect an investigation to focus, if there were a real investigation. But instead, there's a cover-up, a brick wall hiding the string-pullers behind the scenes.

Another example of potential efforts to conceal organized Satanism is the fact that transcripts of Guede's phone conversations which were recorded by the German police have evidently not been posted to the internet, even partially, whereas there are COMPLETE TRANSCRIPTS of his later Skype conversations, which were apparently scripted by Mignini. So, his unscripted conversations are hidden, and his scripted ones are served up on a silver platter (a server's hard drive).

[1] His lawyer discovered a new psychological motive for running from a murder, while innocent! It reminds me of John Candy's comedy-act in which he played the part of a physician who was "explaining" the dire consequences of tight underwear.