Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pakistan raid reeks of Nissour Square massacre

KABUL: A cross-border incident involving NATO and Pakistani forces was quickly defused early on Wednesday with no loss of life, The New York Times quoted Brig Gen Carsten Jacobson, the spokesman for the American-led international coalition, as saying. The incident apparently involved heavy artillery fire across the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in Afghanistan’s Paktika province, the report said, adding that few other details were available. Pakistan’s military, however, refuted the report, saying no such incident took place. “There was no fresh clash between Pakistani troops and NATO force on Pak-Afghan border on Wednesday,” an Inter Services Public Relations spokesman said.

The above excerpt indicates that the US has a proclivity for making false reports, similar to the imaginary attack on a US convoy that was blamed for the Nissour Square massacre in Iraq. It was a supposed attack on a US patrol from the vicinity of a Pakistani border post that triggered the recent attack which killed about 30 Pakistani soldiers, who were supposedly sleeping through the gunfire erupting from their post.

The denials from the top of the US command structure that the attacks were deliberate are nonsensical. The Pakistani military claims that the US military acknowledged that they were attacking the post soon after the attack started. So, are we to believe that the US military assumed for TWO HOURS that the Taliban had taken over the post, even though the Pakistani military was telling the US that it was attacking Pakistani soldiers?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Media lies about financial crisis to conceal connection to military escalation

Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Asian stocks rose, with a benchmark index headed for its second day of gains, amid speculation European leaders are closer to agreeing measures that may help curtail the region’s debt crisis.

I suspect that this is intended as a smokescreen to conceal the relationship between the increasing threat of world war and the financial crisis, in an attempt to neutralize LaRouche's warnings. It's the same thing as having their puppet Obama put on an apron and dish out Thanksgiving dinners to distract us from the reality that a record number of people are food-insecure thanks to Obama's policies. It's a snap for the oligarchy to manipulate some stock prices and get their media to spin a narrative around it, but it doesn't change reality.

It looks like they're trying to lull us into a false sense of security, to make LaRouche look like an alarmist, but he predicted an escalation toward world war, apparently as a result of the the collapse of the British empire's financial power, and that's exactly what happened, although perhaps not in the precise form he predicted. I suspect that Drudge's fixation on Putin is a clue to what's coming down the line.

US adds insult to injury, to further provoke the next phase of the "Apocalypse"

Saturday's attack by NATO fighter jets and helicopters on two Pakistani military outposts on the Afghan border lasted more than an hour, targeted army personnel sent to the bases as backup, and continued after Pakistani commanders contacted NATO to demand that the assault stop, Pakistani and Western officials said.
WASHINGTON — A U.S. military account of a NATO air strike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers over the weekend suggests the deaths resulted from a case of mistaken identity, The Associated Press learned Monday.
U.S. officials say the account suggests that the Taliban may have deliberately tried to provoke a cross-border firefight that would set back fragile partnerships between the U.S. and NATO forces and Pakistani soldiers at the ill-defined border.
"This empire is determined to set the nations of the world into a war with one another, which is intended that civilization as we've now known it, will no longer exist. This is not only a general prospect; this is the immediate situation this weekend. This is not a weekend like other weekends. We're now on the verge—and it's set in place right now—of a chain reaction, which could mean the extermination of civilization as we've known it.

"Now this is being set up by the British Empire, and nobody else. And nobody else. If you don't think the British Empire is the enemy, you don't understand the ABCs of the situation.

The US "explanations" for this attack appear to be intended as insults to the Pakistan leadership's intelligence.

Mammon's servant Bawney Fwank slithers off into the sunset

Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank, the former chairman of the influential House Financial Services Committee, will not seek re-election next year, several news outlets are reporting this morning.

June 22, 2010 — When Barney Frank spoke to a group of supporters at the Brookline Democratic Town Committee meeting June 13th, he lied. In response to my charge that he opposed the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, he said that he voted against the repeal of Glass-Steagall in 1999 in the Gramm-Leach-Bliley bill. He did vote against it, but not because of the repeal of Glass-Steagall, which his own statements from the time show. The truth is, as he stated on the floor of the Congress in July 1999, he fully supported the repeal of Glass-Steagall and its separation of commercial from investment banking, declaring that, "It is a good piece of legislation for setting forth the conditions for the financial services industry," and that, "It does a very good job of creating the conditions in which the capitalist institutions can flourish, and that is a good thing." Frank emphasized, "We want capital to move freely. WE GAVE THE FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS EVERYTHING THEY HAVE ASKED FOR."

Now that the global economy is on the ropes, he can rest from his labors on behalf of the British empire. I wonder what his epitaph will be.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Satanic/oligarchical origin of Darwinism

With an appropriate allusion to the Jacobin dictatorship, the Committee of Public Safety which emerged during Lord Shelburne's French Revolution to send hundreds or thousands of people to the guillotine, this historian concluded, "The X Club, which represented all branches of science, might be called a 'Committee of Public Safety' for science." Indeed, they referred to themselves as such.

Their proclaimed devotion to science and progress was belied by the fact that most or all of the X Club members were devotees of two men in particular: Herbert Spencer, and another agent of the BEIC, Thomas Carlyle, a personal protégé of John Stuart Mill and the messiah of a New Dark Age. Carlyle called explicitly for the destruction of all industrial society and a return to feudalism, where, yes, the lord could torture or kill his serfs, but that would be a more noble existence than that of the modern serfs, degraded by the culture of industrialism.

With the backing of related elite clubs, many of them dominated by the Cambridge University Apostles, over the next three decades the pro-feudal maniacs of the X Club took over most of the top positions in British science, and reshaped the ruling culture of Britain itself. They dominated the Royal Society, as well as most of the top institutions running educational policy in Britain, including the numerous parliamentary committees whistled up to ram through "reform." As just one example among dozens, Huxley himself chaired the London School Board, which set elementary education policy for the rest of the country, and which the London Times declared to be "the most powerful body outside Parliament."

So, there it is, just as I suspected: Darwinism was concocted by the Cult of Isis (which lies at the core of the British oligarchy, and which is the "mother" of organized Satanism) and merely attributed to Charles Darwin.

One theme shines throughout this article, and that is that the oligarchy has difficulty keeping all of its lies straight in its quest to advance its evil agenda in the guise of the betterment of mankind. One of my favorite examples from this article is contained in the following passage:
And that was precisely the same as the core of Darwin's argument in The Descent of Man. He devoted all of Chapters II and III, both entitled "Comparison of the Mental Powers of Man and the Lower Animals," to show "that there is no fundamental difference between man and the higher mammals in their mental faculties."
Here's a guy whom the oligarchy claims is a brilliant scientist, and he tells us that humans are no smarter than animals. Yet their eugenics theories are supposedly intended to foster the selection of mentally-superior races and individuals. So, although we're no more intelligent that animals, some human races are more intelligent than others.

Pepper spray not intended to be used on passive protesters

“I have never seen such an inappropriate and improper use of chemical agents,” Loghman told The New York Times.

Giving the benefit of the doubt to the cops who used it, perhaps they had been misinformed about its effects. But somewhere along the chain of command, someone has to be held responsible.

Another great victory in the war on the terror of Hell! (Rev B)

“There were no Taliban in the field; this is a baseless allegation that the Taliban were planting mines,” Mr. Samad said. “I have been to the scene and haven’t found a single bit of evidence of bombs or any other weapons. The Americans did a serious crime against innocent children, they will never ever be forgiven.”

from The fruits of liberation by Glenn Greenwald
But with the appeal to lower spirits comes the horrible notion that the gesture must not only be very small but very low; that it must be a monkey trick of an utterly ugly and unworthy sort. Sooner or later a man deliberately sets himself to do the most disgusting thing he can think of. It is felt that the extreme of evil will extort a sort of attention or answer from the evil powers under the surface of the world.

[Chesterton here admits some of the "logic" behind Satanism, while pretending that it's a means of harnessing demonic powers, when the fact is that it's a means which demonic powers use to harness humans. It just so happens that he was a British fascist too, posing as a sanctimonious "Conservative Catholic" like Mignini. Seems to be a popular disguise.]

In the reported incident, I smell the stench of the Superman. Why are none of these supermen ever put in the hot seat while their targeting video of the incident is played, and forced to justify their attacks? Oh, but we could never do THAT! That would put these highly dedicated warriors in DANGER! So, the entirety of the intelligence establishment is employed to keep their identities secret.

There is no doubt in my mind that this was a case of SRA - US State Secret Number Two. (Demonic possession is Number One - not even the omniscient, omnipotent Supermen are told this one. They're fed a diet of Nietzsche.) The idea in this case is to savor the act of doing something so low, in this case obliterating patently innocent children while watching from the comfort of an office, without taking any risk whatsoever (thus dispensing with the human virtue of courage), that the perpetrator develops the ability to enjoy killing humans simply because they are human. He probably thinks it's his ticket to occult powers, when in fact it's their ticket to his soul. (Note that it was done at an especially "magical" time: 11/23/11 or 11/24/11, a day or two before the eclipse of a new Moon.) This is what Congress would call "fiscal responsibility." After all, nothing is more important that creating new meat-puppets for Mammon/Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies.

Drone attacks also great for getting actual American soldiers killed

The good guys in the US military, which comprise the vast majority, should be concerned about these attacks (which are INTENDED to kill innocents for the most part, in order to terrorize everyone and to motivate them to sign up at the local British-run terrorist-recruitment center), because they're the ones who end up getting attacked "in response," mainly in the form of IED explosions. As I've indicated previously, the "war on terror" consists of terrorists on both sides attacking innocents on both sides in the guise of attacking terrorists. So, after the US terrorist faction kills a bunch of innocent Afghanis or Pakistanis with drones, the Taliban "get even" by attacking American soldiers who had nothing to do with the drone attack. The the cycle repeats, and as you can tell, the only limit is how long the US can afford it.

Rev A: corrected typo in 2nd-to-last paragraph
Rev B: added heading and paragraph at end, cleaned up sentence in paragraph of comments after bracketed comments.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

US still allows terrorists to recruit over the internet

How is it that the U.S. Department of Defense can target individuals within al Qaida but can’t shut down their websites?
The latest al Qaida online magazine, “Inspire,” directed by the late Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan, includes a plea for any jihadist wannabe to make triacetone triperoxide (TATP) — a powerful explosive — as well as a color, fold-out recipe with mixing instructions and a list of places to buy the over-the-counter ingredients.
Well-meaning professionals often argue that these websites ... allow us to monitor these jihadist groups.

This excuse ranks right up there with Mignini's insulting "saving face" excuse, and the ATF's "gun walking" excuse. The real reason these websites are allowed to continue is that "Islamic terrorism" is an appendage of NATO intelligence, which needs terrorism to continue its perpetual "war on terror" which is actually a Satanic reign of terror.

Friday, November 25, 2011

"Thule Society": the Devil's in the numerical equivalent

Another interesting aspect of the Thule Society (German: Thule-Gesellschaft), which I mentioned in a recent entry strikes me as another sucker-filled front for Satanism (which itself is a sucker-filled front for black magicians and/or pod people), is the numerical equivalent of its name, in both German and English. "Thule" coverts to 66, "Society" to 96, and "Gesellschaft" to 117, then 9. So, it can be seen with the appropriate amount of manipulation, these names convert to 666.

In Christ and Antichrist, Peter Tradowsky asserts that Hitler was possessed by the Antichrist, a.k.a. the Devil, which is not the same as being possessed by some Satanic being. Tradowsky's book indicates that his ability to paralyze people's minds through his speech and eyes was a result of this possession. Although I have not run across any references to how such possession is achieved, it is clear that Hitler, through the Thule Society, was connected to "people" who could make this happen.

Beware of articles that "demonize" cops

PHOENIX (AP) — Police in suburban Buckeye were under fire Friday when a video was posted online showing a grandfather on the floor of a Walmart store with a bloody face after police said he was subdued trying to shoplift during a chaotic rush for discounted video games.

Some articles on this incident were blatantly biased against the police, perhaps not intentionally, but then perhaps intentionally as part of creating a conflict between the police and the average citizen. It appears to me that the cop suspected that the guy was shoplifting, tried to cuff him, and that the guy resisted. So, the officer followed his training and used a technique that he probably thought was safe, but it didn't work out that way, although the guy wasn't seriously injured. The moral of this story is to get the facts and avoid jumping to hasty conclusions about such incidents.

Satanism amidst the chaos of Obama's "liberated" Libya

Thousands of people, including women and children, are being illegally detained by rebel militias in Libya, according to a report by the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Many of the prisoners are suffering torture and systematic mistreatment while being held in private jails outside the control of the country’s new government.

The document, seen by The Independent, states that while political prisoners being held by the Gaddafi regime have been released, their places have been taken by up to 7,000 new “enemies of the state”, “disappeared” in a dysfunctional system, with no recourse to the law.

When America has served its world-destroying purpose, it will receive the same fate.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Webster Tarpley unmasks Obama's excuse for threatening Syria

The USS George H.W. Bush, the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, has reportedly parked off the Syrian coast. The move comes as the U.S. embassy in Damascus urged Americans to “immediately” leave the country.

“The U.S. embassy continues to urge U.S. citizens in Syria to depart immediately while commercial transportation is available,” began a statement released Wednesday on the embassy website. “The number of airlines serving Syria has decreased significantly since the summer, while many of those airlines remaining have reduced their number of flights.”

These actions are in response to Syria's supposed brutal repression of a pro-democracy movement. But according to Webster Tarpley's recent report from Syria, this "brutal repression" actually consists of black-hooded snipers, working for various Western intelligence agencies, gunning down civilians in cold blood (perhaps as a form of SRA, or perhaps because they're already possessed and it feels good to them). So, the US is threatening to invade Syria in response to US-allied snipers murdering Syrian civilians! Time after time we see the US manufacturing pretexts for invasions, and this is just a variation on this theme.

Also note the parallels to the Knox persecution, in which Mignini or his cohorts probably ordered Guede to murder Meredith Kercher, partly as an advanced form of SRA (a Satanic "initiation"), and then projected their own crime onto Knox in order to subject her to SRA and to psychologically destroy her, precisely because she was innocent. SRA is more effective against known innocent people because it forces the abuser to be motivated by the mere fact that the victim is a living human.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Thule Society as another sucker-filled front for Satanism

Another subject that caught my eye in the course of perusing The Hitler Book is that of the Thule Society, starting on page 85. (The core of the Nazi party belonged to the Thule Society.) As I read this section, it became clear to me that the Thule society is yet another one of the sucker-filled "shell" groups for organized Satanism. (However, it would have included some Satanists, perhaps in the form of an "inner circle," to manipulate the suckers.) It's hard to believe that such powerful people could believe such garbage. But it makes sense, considering the role the Nazis played in putting the pieces in place for the fake Apocalypse, including by creating "Israel" to "fulfill prophecy." As revolting as it might seem to Jews, "Israel" was a Nazi project - well, actually Satanic, but through a Nazi front. Note that "Israel" has recently been showing its "Apocalyptic" bent by threatening to invade Iran on the basis of the same sort of "logic" which Mignini used for "justifying" his war on Amanda Knox.

Does Big Brother just want us to BELIEVE he's spying on us?

On November 2, 2007, when British student Meredith Kercher was found stabbed to death in Perugia, Raffaele Sollecito was a university student and his girlfriend, American student Amanda Knox, was Kercher's roommate. Sollecito and Knox immediately became homicide suspects - which kick-started the Perugia police bugging operation.

Even though Knox and Sollecito were arrested and jailed four days after the Kercher murder, the police continued to wiretap every call and text made by Sollecito's extended family for the next six months.
In 2010, one of Raffaele Sollecito's lawyers, Giulia Bongiorno, introduced legislation in the Italian Parliament to apply some brakes on police wiretaps. Bongiorno is a member of Parliament and chairs its Committee on Justice. The proposed eavesdropping reforms were opposed by the United States. That, and internal Italian politics, scuttled the legislation last month.

So for now, roughly, one in every 470 Italian adults has their phone bugged. Police in Italy don't have mottos on their cars like police departments often do in the U.S. But if the Italian cops were to adopt a motto, the last line from The Conversation should be in the running: "We'll be listening to you!"

This raises an issue that I raised in an earlier post, and that is whether Cheney was involved in designating Knox as one of Mignini's targets in order to distract the US population from his own pernicious activity.

It would be interesting to know precisely what the US government found objectionable about the proposed eavesdropping reforms in Italy, since it might provide some clues about the extent of the Underwear Sniffer government's spying here in the US. I just assume that they're spying on everything, including my shopping lists. I now disconnect the internet before typing up my shopping lists, or a few things on the list will inevitably be "out of stock" when I get to the store. Nuclear warhead plans to Iran. (If everyone were to insert a few such phrases in everything they sent over the internet, the NSA would blow a fuse.)

Considering how rotten the Italian government is (as if they're unique in this regard), I would automatically assume that they never tell the truth, including their "admission" of such extensive wiretapping. One of organized Satanism's goals, as part of trying to give us an "escapist" mindset, is to make us feel that we're being watched constantly (like the signs reading "Big Brother is watching you" in 1984), although as indicated above, they DO watch us to some extent, perhaps to convince us that we're being watched constantly. If they told me that the sky is blue, I'd check.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Perugia Shock reports from the scene of Mignini's joke-appeal

A reduced version of the media circus from the Meredith case felt they had to follow the Mignini trial in Florence. Two or three of us, Mario Spezi (super prosecuted by Mignini) and a few locals.

The article goes on to detail Mignini's latest means of tormenting his victims, and puts it in stark perspective. Now he can get back to hiding his well-preserved face.

Zepp-LaRouche's perspective on Nietzsche

While reading passages from The Hitler Book by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, I found the following one about Nietzsche, which indicates that she did study his work in depth, contrary to what I had concluded based on what I could find on EIR's website:
The Case of Friedrich Nietzsche

The absolute height of Romanticism, or rather the nadir of general culture, where raving folly and emotional infantilism turned into aggressive mania, the welding point between the Romantic muddle-heads and the Nazis--this was the world of Nietzsche, whose works can only be described as the mind running amok.

This self-hating, joyless psychotic could not tolerate the idea of reason; he hated Socrates, Schiller, Beethoven, and Humboldt. In his confused writings he attempted, if incoherently, to rewrite history, emphasizing not the classical and Renaissance periods as the Weimar classics had done, but the Dark Ages, the dionysian and bacchanalian orgies, the dances of St. Vitus and the flagellants. He regarded the scientific mode of questioning as man's arch-enemy, just as the Greens do today. Everything the Nazis later made into reality was already lurking within Nietzsche's tormented brain, darting about with increasing frenzy: the volkisch idea, a deep hatred of industrial progress, the "biological world outlook" of "blood and soil," the idea of a master race, the mystically inspired hatred of Christianity, and its final and ultimate form, the Ecce Homo, where Nietzsche cries out: "Have I made myself clear?--Dionysus against the Crucified...."

Nietzsche, celebrated along with Dostoevsky as the prophet of the Conservative Revolution, was the spiritual pathfinder for the nihilism of the National Socialists and the existentialist philosophers.
The most extreme form of nihilism is the recognition that every belief, every notion of truth is necessarily false, since a true world does not exist. It is thus an illusion of perspective.... Let us think this thought in its most frightening form: Existence, such as it is, without purpose and without aim, but ineluctably returning, without end, into nothing--this is the only return. This is the extreme form of nihilism: nothingness ("purposelessness"), eternally!
Nietzsche's sick cultural pessimism has had many variants, from Lagarde, Langbehn, and Oswald Spengler through to Jean-Paul Sarte, but he has never been outdone. The Nazis, Pol Pot, and Khomeini have seen to the practical application of his world outlook.
from The Hitler Book by Helga-Zepp LaRouche, p 53

This is an excellent characterization. I find the quote from Ecce Homo to be particularly interesting, because it contains Nietzsche's insane idea of "eternal recurrence," which seems to be an arbitrary, isolated attempt to counteract the logical conclusion of existentialism, i.e. that physical death is nonexistence. So, it assumes the existence of some purposeless abstract underlying reality that serves as a bridge from one purely materialistic "recurrence" to the next. Shades of Newton's "action at a distance."

Is OWS intended to transform the US into an overtly fascist state?

A woman who was pepper sprayed during during a raid on Occupy Seattle last week is blaming police after she miscarried Sunday.
Seattle fire department spokesman Kyle Moore told The Washington Post that a 19-year-old pregnant woman was among those that were examined by paramedics.

I can't be certain that Ms. Fox's claims are entirely true, but one thing seems certain: that the OWS (Ow, ow, ow!) movement seems to be intended by the military-intelligence complex to transform the US into a brutal fascist police state. There are indications that both the protesters and the police are being manipulated by intelligence agencies.

Italy's "justice" system mocks its victims on 11/22/11

(ANSA) - FLORENCE, NOVEMBER 22 - The Court of Appeals said the Florentine territorial jurisdiction on the case against the prosecutor of Perugia, Giuliano Mignini and the cop / writer Michael Giuttari. It 'was therefore annulled the sentence with which Mignini and Giuttari were sentenced to one year and 4 months and 6 months for abuse of office. According to the indictment, the two investigators had conducted investigations of journalists and officials to influence them, because 'critical inquiry related to that of the Monster of Florence. (ANSA).
The Court then ordered the transmission of documents to the Prosecutor of Turin , which is responsible for among the injured parties in the proceedings there is a magistrate of Florence Genoa. Mignini was the owner in Perugia prosecutor investigation on the death of the doctor Francesco Narducci , Umbrian believed that the prosecutors linked to the events of the Monster of Florence. Giuttari was the policeman who was in charge of the investigation.

This just confirms what I've been scribbling about Italy's "justice" system - that it was set up as a playground for organized Satanism to abuse innocent people in the guise of prosecuting them for crimes. The decision was partly intended as a form of SRA against all of those who've been raped by this aging predator who has superhuman powers by virtue of his position within the Italian Orwellian/fascist/Satanic "justice" system - the actual Italian "democratic" government. Are we supposed to believe that they didn't realize until now that the court didn't have jurisdiction? They might as well declare that they're above any laws which seem to apply to them, but which were just written to give the impression that Italy respects human rights.

This is a comment I posted a couple of days ago to another website:

"Conservative Catholic" (Mr. Pious) Mignini's goal has always been to destroy human lives in the guise of prosecuting criminals, of which he is one of the worst. (For example, I suspect that Guede murdered Kercher at Mignini's behest, with the goal of launching another "Monster of Florence"-type witch-hunt.) Mignini's "theories" were lies intended to provide excuses for "ritual" (repetitive) abuse. Mignini said that Knox was unknowingly part of a Satanic ritual, slyly referring to what HE was doing to HER. He is either a Satanist or a pod person. (They're so hard to tell apart, because Satanism is intended to produce pod people.)

SRA is gratuitous cruelty of any kind spanning a range from something barely noticeable to the most horrible torture-murder imaginable, with the more advanced forms typically taking place in "war" zones and torture chambers of dictatorships created by Satan-underling Mammon's financial empire. Organized Satanism, with the assistance of its anti-psychologists and hordes of lawyers ("Devil's advocates"), has made a top-secret science of tormenting people and has carved out legal domains for itself to abuse people within limits in "civilized" society. (It's the ultimate "black op" because it "doesn't exist.") For example, sleep deprivation in apartment complexes is rampant, and the management is complicit. Astral projection is employed in this sub-criminal activity to determine whether the targets are awake or asleep. (Astral projection allows them to perceive the separation between the etheric and astral bodies which occurs when we fall asleep. Note that the witch in the Blair Witch Project somehow knew when those searching for it were sleeping, at which times it would sneak into their camp and leave a sign of its presence.)

Each Satanist (who typically doesn't even know he's a Satanist) escalates their SRA gradually in order to have the desired effect. (Escalating too slowly wastes time, and escalating too rapidly might cause revulsion, instead of internalization.)

The purpose of SRA (the core activity of Satanism, which is pervasive) is to align the practitioner's will with that of certain subhuman spiritual beings known as demons, whose proper function is most succinctly described as decomposition. (G.K Chesterton referred to Satanism as "the religion of the demons." He provides some useful insights, but with the fatal notion that Satanists use demons, when just the opposite is the case. Black magicians use demons, but Satanism is not to be confused with black magic.) Once this alignment is achieved, possession takes place suddenly, and the person is no longer a person except in appearance. His human instincts have been replaced by the mental processes of a subhuman being of destruction, and he starts to feel pleasure in response to destruction, although his destructive urges are tempered by a cunningness which protects him from exposure. Satanists are of course not told this, but whatever it takes to get them to perpetrate SRA. Some of the basis for my claims can be found by reading between the lines in The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century, lectures 8-10. (The translator's assertion in the note at the end of Lecture 9, that Steiner might have been referring to the Assassins, is incorrect, and perhaps deliberately so.) A lot of my claims are based on observations over the last decade.

The "war on terror" obviously includes insane cruelty on a vast scale, destroying human lives on all sides, including the lives of American soldiers and their families. The Abu Ghraib "frat party from hell" was partly an SRA-fest (or pod-people gone wild) which was largely intended to provoke the Iraqi people into a suicidal rage against US forces. "Enhanced interrogation" and prisoner abuse in the world's prisons are also forms of SRA. The foreclosure crisis which is destroying millions of lives (along with the very houses which the banks tell us are their valuable assets) is another form. (We recently learned that certain employees of foreclosure mills mocked foreclosure victims as part of a Halloween celebration.) Those who have been made homeless by the "failure" of Mammon's economists look at all the housing going to pot, and probably wonder why the bankers wouldn't let them make smaller payments, instead of taking nothing at all and watching their assets crumble and provide havens for criminal activity. The answer is Satanism, which is partly intended to create an oppressive global Orwellian society designed to drive the human spirit out of the world, which Orwell in 1984 called "the obliteration of the self." (1984 is a covert revelation of the top-level agenda of the forces of evil.) That's what O'Brien did to Winston Smith in 1984, and what Mignini tried to do to Knox PRECISELY BECAUSE she is an apt representative of the human spirit of love and freedom.

Justice for Mignini would require him to be imprisoned for the rest of his unnatural life, but I seriously doubt that will happen, because he is a creature of Italy's Orwellian "justice" system.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Trillions for Mammon's henchmen, torture for American kids who protest

Brave police torturing Elizabeth Nichols by spraying her point-blank in the face with pepper spray to enforce Obama's decrees on behalf of Her Majesty. They must be so proud.

Friday, November 18, 2011

All the subtlety of a bull in a China shop

Honolulu - The U.S. on Thursday conducted a successful flight test of prototype of a new weapon, a "glide vehicle," that travels five times faster than sound. The Advanced Hypersonic Weapon was launched from the U.S. Pacific Missile Range Facility in Kauai, Hawaii.

Congratulations are in order for those who produced this incredible technology, but it appears that the "first successful test" was arranged to occur in the context of Obama's drive for "Armageddon," and the APEC summit in Hawaii, near the launch site of Kauai. The trajectory "aimed" at Darwin, Australia, where a recently-announced permanent US military presence will be established, implicitly in order to "contain" China. I suspect that this new weapon will be used to provoke the nuclear war which is a part of any decent "Apocalypse."

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where's the morality in the "saving face" cover story?

After posting the 2nd previous entry, it occurred to me that the notion that Mignini was willing to destroy the lives of two promising young people (Knox and Sollecito) to save his monstrous face is UTTERLY LAME simply because it ignores the amorality of doing so. Are they actually hinting at the truth - that the Italian "justice" system IS amoral, and that Mignini's "conservative Catholicism" is a sham?

Another interesting aspect of this cover story is that "save face" converts to 47 15, i.e. 11 6. Perhaps this numerical combination was one reason this excuse was used, but since I can't prove intent in this case, it's just interesting.

Webster Tarpley reports actual state of affairs in Syria

Like I said, chaos is the name of the game, and it's Syria's turn to be "demonized" and probably invaded by the Great Liberator. Webster Tarpley went to Syria to see for himself what's happening, and reported his findings today in the form of an audio recording from Alex Jones' show.

The "saving face" cover story repeated again to make it "true"

To admit such a colossal mistake would humiliate them in front of the entire world. It would be a massive loss of face. This was especially acute for Mignini, who was already under indictment in the Monster case. He would later be convicted of abuse of office and jailed for 16 months.
About 50% of all criminal convictions in Italy are reversed or greatly modified on appeal. Knox and Sollecito join the four-million Italians since the war who have seen their lives ruined by false criminal charges, only to be proclaimed innocent after many years of agony and imprisonment.

I've exposed the the truth about Italy's "justice" system, which is that it's a playground for organized Satanism, but I had no idea that FOUR MILLION people have been put through hell by it. As I suspected, the Satanists lurking behind Mussolini made a spectacle of cleansing Italy of evil, adopted the justice system as their mask, and created an Orwellian fascist state with a democratic face.

The notion that everything that was done to Knox was done to save face is ludicrous. If they really just wanted to save face, they wouldn't have jumped to such conclusions before the evidence had come in. It's not as if it was the first time they had arrested the wrong people and destroyed their lives, so if they had any intent to avoid repeating such "mistakes," they would have waited for the forensic evidence.

The Knox case was a Satanic ritual based on projecting a Satanic "initiation" committed by apparent Satanist Guede (probably on orders from Mignini) onto Knox, Sollecito, and Lumumba, although Lumumba had a solid alibi and avoided all but a couple of weeks of hell. Still, he was left in prison for about a week after the authorities admitted he had a solid alibi!

Al least if you want to read a grim fairy tale, you know of another author who writes them.

Libya: Organized Satanism's latest sandbox

Those increasingly being targeted by “disappearance squads” are family members and associates, even former domestic employees such as gardeners, handymen, and household staff of former regime affiliates. Homes, cars, furniture, of former regime affiliates are being systematically confiscated. Torture has become the normal means to elicit information regarding the whereabouts of individuals thought to still be supporting the former regime. The reason, according to one former Libyan official who barely escaped one of the French squads and who now resides in Egypt, “is the same reason drones are so popular with your US military, torture works. Not 100% but it’s better than the other options.”

Another lesson in civilization from the British Empire: torture works. Well, if it's so effective, and its only purpose is to obtain information and suppress rebellions, why is it used so much? The fact is that although torture MIGHT be an effective means of obtaining information, there are more MORAL ways, but the British empire pretends to be above morality, when it can't hide its amorality. It substitutes piousness for morality.

It seems to me that this supposed hunt for former members of Gaddafi's regime is just a cover story for Satanism, which flourishes in chaotic situation. The goal is to create as much chaos as possible, and having a bunch of Satanists disguised as soldiers preying on defenseless people is a good way to create terror and chaos.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Interesting numerical combination from 1984

After realizing that the reason behind the cultivation of paranoia, or the sense of being under a microscope (as in the case of Amanda Knox, at least until recently) is to contribute to the sense of being imprisoned, and to create the urge to escape without being able to do so physically (thus tending to create an "escapist" mentality, which is an aspect of the 8th Sphere agenda), it occurred to me that the related phrase "Big Brother is watching you" from 1984 might provide some clues to this agenda. So, I converted in into numbers, and found that "Big Brother is watching you" converts to 18 86 28 85 61, that "Big Brother is" converts to 132, and then 6, and that "watching you" converts to 146, and then 11. So, this statement converts to 6 11 - the two key "magical" numbers of Satanism. This is a little too coincidental to be coincidence, and knowing Orwell, I doubt that this was an accident.

The Hypocrite-in-Chief's latest initiative: turn China into an enemy

"What I have said since I first came into office and what we've exhibited in terms of our interactions with the Chinese is we want you to play by the rules. And currency is probably a good example," Obama said, referring to long-standing U.S. requests for China to let the yuan float freely.
"For an economy like the United States -- where our biggest competitive advantage is our knowledge, our innovation, our patents, our copyrights -- for us not to get the kind of protection we need in a large marketplace like China is not acceptable," Obama said.

So I guess that explains why he intends to destroy Iran's peaceful nuclear program, as soon as it starts generating power, on the "basis" of lies, and of course the "American" principle that might makes right, and that the rules don't apply to us. We can invade anyone we want on the "basis" of lies, kidnap anyone from anywhere on the face of the planet and spirit them away to a simulation of the innermost circle of Hell, and when they're on the verge of death or driven utterly insane, make them magically appear anywhere on the planet. To "justify" it, all they have to say is that they got some extremely useful information, so that as a result, the "war on terror" will last only until civilization collapses, instead of another decade.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Waves on the surface of the ocean

It took Cain less than a minute to come out against "torture," but in favor of torture during the GOP debate in South Carolina Saturday night.
Michele Bachmann explicitly supported Cain's position, saying that if she were president, "I would be willing to use waterboarding."

Cain later said that he "would keep Gitmo open" and that he would allow enhanced interrogation techniques to be used on the detainees there "because they are terrorists."

If they're in Pitmo, they're the worst of the worst, i.e. not sexy, or what Aleister Crowley called "outcast and unfit." So upon them, and as Uncle Al said, don't ask why!

At least Cain and Bachmann are honest - that's the same Satanic policy that we'd get no matter who ends up as "President." The implicit "justification" is "might makes right." The solution is to defang Mammon with Glass-Steagall.

Putting the fake Apocalypse into a larger perspective (revised)

Revison: see Notes

The fake Apocalypse is an aspect of the next phase of the actual Apocalypse. This phase is intended by the progressive hierarchy (the forces of good) to usher in a new subrace of the current Aryan root-race of mankind (not to be confused with the Nazi concept), with a new form of consciousness. On the other hand, there is an attempt to implement a "rogue" agenda, i.e. the Eighth Sphere agenda, and prevent mankind from progressing to the next stage of consciousness. Chances are that the forces of evil will fail as usual (they've tried before, but they were outsmarted by the progressive hierarchy), but we can't take that for granted.

The actual Apocalypse, which includes several future stages of our evolution, constitutes the end of our solar system's current incarnation, in the form of an ascent into a spiritual state, over the course of thousands or tens of thousands of years. In the next subrace of mankind, people's character will be much more evident in their faces than is now the case. So, Satan's agents will have to operate in the open, and obviously from a position of strength if they are to achieve their goals. This is why they're in a hurry to establish a global Orwellian dictatorship.

By "Orwellian," I mean an oppressive world order designed to drive the human spirit out of the world and into the 8th Sphere, an "escapist" realm created by the forces of evil. "Orwellian" can also refer to various aspects of this type of a system, such as constant monitoring and suppression of free will, both of which obviously create a desire to escape, as symbolized by various means throughout 1984. Note that 1984 converts to 22, then 4, which are related to black magic and blood/death, respectively.

The transition to the next subrace, I suspect, is what's behind the drive to kill off the current population of the planet. Rudolf Steiner has indicated that this will be accomplished through cataclysmic activity, and one means of triggering such activity is to create widespread chaos.

Behind the scenes, the forces of good and evil are involved in a sort of chess game, making moves and counter-moves to manage the chaos and manipulate mankind into their desired future. Our part in this includes thinking, and striving for objectivity, in order to discern between truth and falsehood. It also includes a mastery of physical matter through science, engineering, and industry. For a more general idea of our task, I suggest The Balance in the World and Man, Lucifer and Ahriman.

Rev A - Rewrote first paragraph, which previously contained an erroneous concept, i.e. that the fake Apocalypse is intended to serve an evil agenda only. Perhaps it is by organized Satanism, but I think they're being used by higher-level forces who intend to use it for good, ultimately.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Latest opinions on a couple of aspects of Knox case

In a previous post, I indicated that the Kerchers' reported plans to sue Knox were not what they appeared to be, because there was no basis for a lawsuit. It turned out that that the reports that they intended to sue were media fabrications, which abound in this case. However, the Kerchers continue to pretend that Guede was merely assisting others in the murder, and I suspect that they are being pressured and/or paid by Mignini or his cohorts to support this fantasy so that Guede can be released in a couple of years for good behavior, regardless of his behavior.

I've also reconsidered my assumption that Guede might be declared innocent in a couple of years, and released and "compensated" for "false" imprisonment. Considering the sheer amount of physical evidence that he was present at the murder scene (begging the question of how the supposed others involved left no physical traces), I now tend to doubt that even the Italian court system would try to claim that he's innocent. I don't recall what was going through my head when I decided that was a possibility, but evidently not enough. I now assume that he will be released in a couple of years and compensated in other ways for his service to organized Satanism. As a result of his crime, and his cooperation with Mignini, many, many people were put through hell, and millions became fixated on the case, and many obviously still are. New angles continue to occur to me, and I throw them out there, sometimes without sufficient consideration.

My main interest is using this prime opportunity to expose organized Satanism because they went way out on a limb to "get" Knox - to destroy her soul, precisely because she is innocent, good-hearted and intelligent. (There might have been other motives, such as to create a distraction from what our government is doing, or not doing, and of course, providing Satanists within the "justice" system with opportunities to subject her to SRA for what they apparently consider to be beneficial effects on themselves.) I've noticed its efforts to cover its tracks, and I suppose that there are people who would welcome an alternative explanation because mine is too dark for them to accept.

I never intended people to consider my opinions as authoritative, because I'm not particularly intelligent, but as just another theory to test. I especially hope that nobody tries to use my site to try to identify pod people, because this very dicey, and it can ruin your reputation. (However, when I consider "people" such as Mignini, I seriously wonder, because he has destroyed hundreds of lives, and I can't imagine anyone doing that unless he enjoys it.) My intent was to prevent people from falling into this trap.

Obama would support Armageddon for Jewish vote?

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Armageddon we go!

"Sources say the understanding at the top of the British Government is that Israel will attempt to strike against the nuclear sites 'sooner rather than later' — with logistical support from the U.S. A senior Foreign Office figure has revealed that ministers have been told to expect Israeli military action, adding: 'We're expecting something as early as Christmas, or very early in the new year.'

"Officials believe President Barack Obama would have to support the Israelis or risk losing vital Jewish-American support in the next Presidential election."

Considering that this comes from the Daily Mail, I have to wonder whether they just fabricated it, but it might be true.

As usual, the "Apocalypse"-mongers keep their lies straight. The actual reason for this strike is to "explain" the subsequent global thermonuclear war ("Armageddon"), the script for which has been in the works for centuries, and which has been distributed to all the actors in this drama. Iran could have opted to let Russia provide it with fuel for its reactors, but this wouldn't have provided the necessary excuse for "suspecting" that it's working on nuclear weapons.

The notion that Jewish voters support global thermonuclear war is ludicrous - the only vote Obama cares about at this point is Satan's.

Is there any hope that Nerobomber won't destroy civilization?

Nov. 10, 2011 (EIRNS)—At the G20 summit in Cannes, President Barack Obama went off on a tear against Iran, citing the new International Atomic Energy Association report on Iran's nuclear program as an opportunity to escalate. That report, released on Nov. 8, is expected to make charges against Tehran more explicit, but with no real substance to back them up. The purported "new details" are rather reminiscent of the infamous "yellow cake" and "mobile weapons labs" that were fraudulently used to make the case for war against Iraq.

In fact, the official report put out by the U.S. National Intelligence Estimate denies any nuclear threat coming from Iran.
Jones followed up by asking whether the U.S., lacking a UN resolution, due to Russian and Chinese vetoes, would "do something outside of the UN Security Council, creating thereby the kind of scenario that I was talking about where we and the West are pitted against Russia and China and Iran." The question was not answered.

"Might makes right - we don't need no stinking reasons!"

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ominous warning from retired CENTCOM commander

"I'm afraid that this thing is going to be a fait accompli before anyone talks about it seriously in this country. That it's just going to happen one morning—we're going to wake up and the strike has been conducted, and the Iranians are attacking shipping in the Gulf...."
"French intelligence services have discovered that in September, 55 American bunker buster bombs, capable of destroying underground military installations, were discreetly delivered to Israel. These wonders of explosive technology, which weigh 1 ton each, have the particularity that they can penetrate and set fire to armored concrete bunkers. Clearly, their only use to the Israeli Air Force is in case of a conflict with Teheran.
For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.
1 Thessalonians 5:3

To understand why this would happen now, out of the blue, I recommend LPAC's 11/10 evening report video entitled Kings Fall to Empire, which explains the current strategic thought-process of the oligarchy which owns Obama.

And what better day for launching "Armageddon" than 11/11/11? Even if it doesn't happen then, I would be amazed if something major DIDN'T happen.

Iran's convenient timing

Others might have mentioned this, but it seems like an amazing coincidence that after all the time that Iran has supposedly been developing nuclear weapons, it supposedly just happened to develop them precisely when the British-run global financial system is undergoing a thermonuclear implosion. Keep this potential connection in mind, and I think you'll see that an invasion of Iran, and the likely subsequent world war, is just the next stage in the destruction of civilization. It appears that Iran, Russia, and China are following an "Apocalypse"-script too, so they won't just sit back and take it and thus defeat the oligarchy's plan for world war, and perhaps nuclear war.

Mammon's media feeds us an example of "Satanism"

Two women were arrested in Milwaukee this week after a man told police they had bound and stabbed him hundreds of times in a sexual encounter that "got quickly out of hand."

I suppose it's possible that this really happened and that the perpetrators believed they were performing some sort of Satanic ritual and that they'd get away with it ("he cut himself shaving"), but the article appears to be a variation on the Daily Mail's "Doncaster boys from Hell" series of fabrications. Such fabrications are intended to give the impression that Satanism is rare, and an insignificant factor in society, when in fact it pretty much rules the planet at this time, explaining why it's going to Hell.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

High court's insistence that Guede assisted others is intriguing

Italy's highest criminal court, in upholding his conviction, said Guede had not acted alone. However, the court's ruling does not name Knox and Sollecito as Guede's accomplices, saying it was not up to the court to determine that.

In my opinion, Italy's "justice" system was set up as a playground for organized Satanism, as was abundantly demonstrated in the Knox case. If so, the highest court would probably be aware of this. Such a bizarre declaration, that the court KNOWS that Guede was assisting others, on the "basis" of a supposed lack of defensive wounds, strikes me as a hint that Guede was put up to murdering Meredith Kercher by organized Satanism, as a sort of "initiation," and as a "basis" for another of Mignini's witch-hunts, to replace his then-dying Monster of Florence-related witch hunt. He wasn't using the Kercher murder as a distraction, or to save face, but as a replacement for the MoF case, to give his coven [1] another victim.

[1] I've read that the "standard" number for an "occult" group is 12 members and one leader. Note that 12 people "interrogated" Knox, and Mignini, the leader, makes 13.

"We don't know anything except that poor unfortunate Guede didn't do it alone" (Revi B - see notes)

For the first time since the appellate ruling that acquitted Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, today, November 6, 2011, speaking on "Sunday Five" speak Arlene and Stephanie Kercher, her mother and sister Meredith, interviewed by journalist Ilaria Cable.
My daughter - Arlene says - died without a reason, and after four years is hard to start from scratch, go back to ask who it was, with the possibility that perhaps we will never reach a solution.
"We will not directly appeal against the sentence, the prosecutor will make their appeal against the two acquitted. We proceed by going to see the reasons for ruling against Rudy Guede. He says he has killed the competition with two other people, but if the two people were not met, then who were they? Many think that our appeal is against the two acquitted, but we always said, we do not want them to go the wrong people in jail, we just want to understand what happened that night. "

"I do not think that Meredith may have been killed by one person - Mom Arlene continues - The judges said the ruling against Rudy Guede, there is much evidence that they say: if it were a single person there would have been more signs of struggle and instead there are [few signs of struggle]. My daughter was strong, did karate, gymnastics. It would be defense." [In other words, if there were only one assailant, she would have put up a fight, and there would be evidence of a fight. The fact is that there is such evidence.]

When asked if they still believe in justice, mother Arlene responds: "We must believe, otherwise the logic goes dell'ognuno itself. [I wasn't able to find an interpretation for this apparent Italian idiom.] Expect that new evidence and tell us what really happened."

These translations demonstrate that computers will never replace human translators, who unlike computers can grasp the meaning of a passage and express it in whatever language the translator knows.

But reading between the lines, it seems to me that the Kerchers are either incredible dolts, or they're pretending to be incredible dolts, because they still claim not to know - and that they might never know - who murdered Meredith, and how and why he did so.

If they're pretending, I assume that their motive is financial, and that the motive of those paying them is to portray Rudy Guede as a participant in the crime, but not the killer.

This lie goes back to Mignini's original lie, i.e. that Knox, Sollecito, and Lumumba committed the murder. When Lumumba provided an iron-clad alibi, and overwhelming physical evidence proved that Guede was the killer, Mignini substituted him for Lumumba but protected him by hiding key evidence and claiming that he just helped the others, and that Knox was the actual killer. So, Guede had to go to prison to protect the reputation of the Italian "justice" system, and I assume that he'll be amply rewarded by organized Satanism for everything he's done for it, including the murder, his lies in support of Mignini's lies, and his time spent in prison to protect the Italian "justice" system's reputation and to help keep Satanism hidden.

Satanic possession is State Secret [> 65 70 > 11 7 > 18 > 9] Number 1, organized Satanism itself is Number 2, and no expense is spared to keep them hidden. Another example of this is how Scott Olsen's would-be killer is being allowed to disappear into the woodwork, which is also a case study in how the media manipulates us, partly by giving us the impression that it's being handled, and then just dropping the matter so that we'll forget about it. Another example is the supposed investigation into what happened to SEAL Team 6. Where is this "investigation?" Perhaps potential recruits would like to see a thorough investigation before signing up. I know that I'd like to know that my superiors wouldn't sacrifice me to boost a treasonous Commander-in-Chief's popularity ratings.

Revision: Cleaned up and clarified comments
Rev B: added "When Lumumba provided an iron-clad alibi"

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Psst, Barack - the Queen is just pretending to like you

Note Obama's servile body language in this photo of him with the Queen, and note that she seems to be cringing and asking "how much longer do I have to pretend to like this idiot?"

An American does not bow and scrape before the British monarch. We declared independence from Mammon's British empire in 1775 for reasons that are still valid today. It hasn't changed, except to insinuate its tentacles, such as Obama, into our government. If destroying the United States requires the Queen to stroke narcissist Obama's ego in order to gain his allegiance, she'll do it, but only as long as it serves her purposes.

The REAL Iranian "Bomb?"

Freight train on the Bandar Abbas-Almaty Corridor was inaugurated on Monday in a ceremony attended by minister of road and urban construction, managing director of Railways of Islamic Republic of Iran and the representatives of ECO member states and international organizations.

After posting the 2nd previous post, it occurred to me that Iran might have recently completed some major rail project, so I decided to take a look. Lo and behold, I think I've found that "bomb" that O'Bomber and Netanyahu are so certain has been completed - the Bandar Abbas-Almaty Corridor project referenced above. Note the date of the article: 10/18/11.

CIA starts to admit that drones strikes are a form of terrorism

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that the U.S. government doesn’t actually know who it’s killing with many of its drone strikes in Pakistan. That suggests the United States may well be violating international law.

As the Journal reports, the bulk of the CIA’s drone strikes are “signature strikes,” which “target groups of men believed to be militants associated with terrorist groups, but whose identities aren’t always known.”
John Brennan, President Obama’s senior counterterrorism advisor, has actually claimed “there hasn’t been a single collateral death” from drone strikes, due to their precision.

But that stands in stark contrast to the findings of such groups as the Bureau for Investigative Journalism, which has been reporting on the casualties of drone strikes since 2004. The team of British and Pakistani journalists in a report released in August documented 306 strikes from remotely piloted drones that killed between 2,359 and 2,959 people. The bureau reports that in Pakistan, it has found credible reports of 392 civilian deaths, include 175 children.

I just love it when the CIA admits I'm right, i.e. that the primary purpose of the drone strikes is air-terrorism. (This is what Brennan meant by claiming that there have been no collateral deaths - they all serve the primary purpose.) Try to imagine knowing that you could be blown up AT ANY MOMENT as if struck by a bolt of lightning out of the blue, because someone at the controls of a drone can simply CLAIM to really, really, really believe (where have you heard THAT before?) that there's a terrorist somewhere in your vicinity.

Monday, November 7, 2011

"War on terror" is partly a war on the Land-Bridge

In a previous post, I indicated that one of the reasons the oligarchy insists upon unleashing chaos in Iran is that a key section of the Eurasian Land-Bridge would pass through Iran. Since then, I've found a better map, which clearly shows that Tehran would be a key node on this transportation system, which would set new standards for energy efficiency and speed. This would not replace the existing transportation systems, although it would reduce our dependency on them. (I like the idea of a low-speed maglev system to supplement our existing system of roads. Such a system would revolutionize society.) In certain weather, maglev rail is the only viable form of transportation, and eventually, it could be placed in underground tubes from which the air would be mostly evacuated, allowing the trains to travel faster than the speed of sound.

About Guede's "interrogation"

A prime suspect in the murder of British student Meredith Kercher has cracked under interrogation and confirmed that Amanda Knox and her boyfriend were at the scene.
Prosecution sources said Rudy Hermann Guede's confession was a ''nail in the coffin'' in the case and were delighted with his admission.

During six hours of questioning, the 20-year-old said Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were "at the house".
"It was very, very useful to the investigation and we will be putting it all in the file which we will present later this Spring."
Valter Biscotti, Guede's lawyer, said: "We were delighted with how it went. Guede again stressed his complete non-involvement in the murder."
Nick Pisa, the slime journalist of the British tabloids, has really out done himself this time. Nick has published a string of false stories about Knox that have resulted in her being unfairly imprisoned in Italian prison for the past four years, including lies about fake clean ups, fake blood, and other BS about fake evidence that didn’t exist. Unfortunately, Nick is back to his string of lies.

In a previous post, I wrote that Guede hadn't been intensively interrogated to determine the identities of the actual killer or killers whom he supposedly only assisted. THEN I decided to see if there were any reports that he had been interrogated, and my hunch was borne out. It turns out that Guede was "interrogated" and "broke down" WITH HIS ATTORNEY PRESENT, "admitting" that Knox was the killer, and that he was just peripherally involved in the incident. How convenient. If there's a video recording, I suppose we'd see the worst actors ever, reciting their scripts. If not, I suppose this "interrogation" amounted to a meeting of a certain liars' club, and that it included a discussion of what to do about Guede's semen on the cushion upon which Kercher's body was found. (They ended up pretending that it didn't exist.) Note that the article was written by Nick Pisa, a notorious member of the horde of journalistic crusaders against Knox.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Do wars serve some mysterious higher purpose?

Yesterday I attended a funeral for a friend’s mother at Arlington National Cemetery. During the service, my eyes focused on three nearby gravestones — a Lt. Colonel, a 1st Lieutenant, and a captain. The inscriptions on the gravestones stated that all three had served in Iraq and Afghanistan and that all three had died in 2011. I noticed that the captain died at the age of 30.

All I could think was: What a horrible waste of life. Three lives shortened, needlessly. All three, dying for nothing.

Well, they didn't die for nothing, even though they didn't die for the ostensible purpose of the "war." War produces a lot of evil, but it also produces some good, although previously I've indicated that they are purely evil and destructive. There are aspects of these "wars" which are almost purely evil, but the "wars" themselves aren't totally evil. There are those who would say that they're just NECESSARY in order to bring about human destiny, which is the general outline of our future, around which we are allowed a certain amount of free will, and which is determined by beings far beyond what we can imagine. What might seem evil from a human perspective might serve a good purpose from the perspectives of these beings.

But as I said, there are some things that are particularly evil, such as Satanism (which Rudolf Steiner, an initiate, called "radically evil" practically in the same breath in which he said that nothing is purely good or evil), and black magic, which he considered to be the greatest crime that could possibly be committed, because its goal is to destroy the essence of the human being, which Orwell called "the obliteration of the self."

So, that's where I draw the line, even though these intentionally concentrated forms of evil might end up getting "watered down" by higher forces and wind up serving these mysterious higher purposes. I sincerely doubt that I'm going to interfere with the fulfillment of human destiny, in any case. Is it necessary to let monsters run amok, hidden behind smokescreens of respectability, so that human destiny can be fulfilled? Perhaps, but I'm not a god, so it would be pretentious for me to react as I imagine one might react. So, that's why I say that Guede is a monster, and that I suspect that he will eventually be declared to be innocent in Meredith Kercher's murder and compensated for "false" imprisonment, which is actually grossly insufficient imprisonment.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Evidence that Guede might have raped Kercher as she died

Thus Maresca [Kerchers' attorney] blocked Amanda when, as was her right, she tried to question Rudy Guede in Court this Summer. MARESCA ACTIVELY BLOCKED THE EXAMINATION OF DNA IN SEMEN STAINS ON THE CUSHION ON WHICH MEREDITH’S LIFELESS BODY LAY. You would think, since sperm are pretty well concentrated male DNA, that this would be important if the Kerchers really wanted to find out whether Guede acted alone! But no, it seems their lawyer, on their behalf, doesn’t want to know. Finally, in the most outrageous example of insensitivity and prejudicial reasoning I have ever witnessed, this same Maresca, arguing for their conviction to be upheld at the end of the Appeal, in open Court showed repeatedly a macabre loop of Meredith’s stabbed and lifeless naked body, in front of members of the public such as myself. The message seemed to be that no one man could achieve this on his own without assistance, He furthermore referred to over 40 wounds, whereas she died from three stab wounds in the neck, all by the same small knife. The rest were bruises, and some defensive wounds on her hand as she tried to fight off her attacker.

So it would seem that Rudy Guede did indeed rape Meredith Kercher as she lay dying. Clearly this was intended as an advanced form of SRA - a Satanic "initiation," in which he was attempting to associate murder with pleasure. Afterward, he went out to a bar (an "anteroom" to an orgy) and danced, using some of the money he stole, thus continuing to revel in his dastardly crime. For all he knew, she was still dying, so as he danced, he was secretly nursing the thought that she was dying, and perhaps thinking about killing his dance partners.

It's also appalling to realize what the prosecution used as "evidence" that others were involved at the murder scene: bruises and defensive wounds, which one would expect as a result of someone trying to fend off a single knife-attacker.

Then there are the "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" aspects of the referenced article, such as the KERCHERS' ATTORNEY preventing the semen found on the cushion from being tested(!). It seems clear to me that Maresca was protecting a fellow Satanist from exposure as the monster he is. I'm beginning to wonder if the Kerchers are all suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. In a comment following the article, someone claimed that one of the Kerchers referred to Guede as a "gentleman" during a news conference!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scott Olsen's attacker disappears in a cloud of smoke, and so does the real Obama

I sifted through quite a few articles on Scott Olsen today, and it appears that a cover-up has been launched. First off, the reports which claimed to have identified the attacker were attacked by police officials on grounds that they are inaccurate and put those identified, and their families, in danger. One commentator characterized this as saying "don't trust your eyes, but our lies," which implies that the video conclusively identified the attacker, or at least narrowed down the possibilities. But as far as the government is concerned, these reports are worse than useless. The major media have not been investigating this attack, other than to report on Olsen's progress until a few days ago. So, it's easier for the authorities to dismiss the reports of the few small publications that have been investigating.

Secondly, the supposed investigation will supposedly take months. Note that these are supposedly professional crime fighters. Maybe they should find another line of work. They have VIDEO of the attack, and it's going to take MONTHS. "In conclusion, blah blah blah we're going to do nothing because you're just a bunch of slaves we're going to kill anyways."

So, I don't have much hope that the culprit will be held accountable, because it's beginning to look as if my first reaction - that he's untouchable (if you know what's good for you) - might have been right. If so, it's a sad state of affairs in the supposed land of the free.

Meanwhile, Barack the Magnificent is over in Europe pressuring Greece to take the fascist route, suck the last couple of liters of blood from its economy, and deliver the blood and the corpse to his masters. It also appears that he and Tony "Damien" Blair are about to unleash the Final Conflict, starting with an invasion of Iran, actually to "fulfill prophecy," although they want us to believe that they have the usual ultra-secret proof that Iran has nukes. Why not just blow something up with a nuke and claim that Iran did it? Don't think it hasn't already occurred to them.

That's the real Obama, who thinks he's a member of the British oligarchy and is being treated as such so that he'll identify with it and impose its will on us. The Obama we see in the news, reciting scripts or just reading them from a teleprompter, is a smokescreen for the real Obama.

"American" and "Israeli" atrocities intended to create terror and "Islamic" terrorists

But however one wants to define these acts, the fact is that we have spent a full decade bringing violence to multiple countries in that region — and in all sorts of ways — ending the lives of countless innocent people. Outside of Iraq, that process over the last two years has accelerated in both frequency and geographic scope. And it has left in its wake a horde of dead-16-year-old Tariq Khans and half-blinded, double-amputee teenage Saadullahs about whom we hear almost nothing.

The notion that drone attacks in Pakitan's Twilight Zone region are intended to stop attacks on Americans is a lie. They are actually partly intended as "air terrorism," another one of Satan's gifts to mankind via the oligarchy, and partly to drive the victims of this terror into the arms of the oligarchy's terrorist-controllers. The only reason this policy has continued so long is that it's working, but for the reasons I mentioned above, not for its ostensible purpose of killing "terrorist leaders." If we wanted to get the terrorist leaders, we'd start by bombing Buckingham Palace.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

On the "best actress ever" lie

Everyone's heard Mignini's puppet/hostage Lumumba's claim that Amanda Knox is the world's best actress ever. So, why isn't she studying acting, or already a professional actress? Why aren't actor-scouts beating a path to her door? Wasn't it her failure to act conventionally in the aftermath of Kercher's murder precisely what Mignini used as "proof" that she was involved? If she were such a great actress, wouldn't she have known how to act at that time to "fool" everyone?

So, another of Mignini's lies bites the dust. In a sane world, the spotlight would be kept on him and Guede, not Knox. The media would constantly badger Mignini and his puppets with questions such as those I've just raised. But the fact is that keeping the spotlight on Knox is a continuation of organized Satanism's witch-hunt against her, without the benefit of the Italian "justice" system. But at least they're showing their true colors by badgering a patently innocent young woman, and they're just going to destroy what little credibility they still have.

Geithner throws a tantrum

Paulson: "But it would have been far worse without the bailout!"

Nov. 1 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. stocks dropped, driving the Standard & Poor's 500 Index to the biggest two-day slump in a month, on concern that a Greece referendum pledged by Prime Minister George Papandreou may threaten Europe's bailout.

Actually, Geithner just stopped pumping up the meaningless "industrial" average to scare us into continuing the "bailout" (blood-sucking) process.

Scumedia celebrates beginning of "magical" 11th month by inflicting a little terror on its patrons (revised)

FACING world outrage for their barbaric practice of beheading prisoners, Saudi Arabia’s rulers responded in ruthless fashion.
A man accused of sorcery was hauled to a public car park, where his head was chopped off in front of dozens of onlookers.

So naturally these "objective news outlets" had no choice but to post the video of this atrocity.

Who knows why he was really beheaded, and when? Posting videos of it was probably intended as a form of emotional abuse similar to that of of "the Kerchers'" attorney "accidentally" flashing Meredith Kercher's autopsy photos in open court several times in front of adolescents and media photogs, who obligingly snapped away. Some of these horrific images might have turned up on the internet as a hint of the true anti-human mindset of those who claim to want justice for her, but who actually just want to stir people up against Knox.

Note that while they demand justice for Kercher, they do everything they can to downplay their apparent fellow Satanist Guede's guilt, probably in preparation for him to be released in a year or so, declared innocent, and given a million bucks. I haven't seen any indications that he has been systematically abused by the authorities while in prison, and I'm willing to bet that the media won't put him under the microscope 24 hours a day when he gets out.

Revison: Deleted non sequitur at end of last paragraph.

Mammon's media shows its true colors, revs up SRA vs. Knox on anniversary of the start of her ordeal (final rev) [1]

FREED Amanda Knox has been slammed as "insensitive" after being pictured sauntering down the street to a Halloween party.

The 24-year-old was snapped out and about in Seattle wearing a wooly beanie hat and sporting a drawn-on curly moustache and goatee beard.

Last night victim Meredith Kercher's father said that images like this don't help the family, particularly as today is the fourth anniversary of Meredith’s death and the last photo of her alive was taken at a Halloween party.

The outfit chosen by 24-year-old Knox - whose conviction for the murder of British exchange student Meredith Kercher was overturned last month – was bound to cause controversy after she was originally convicted of simulating a burglary in the wake of Meredith’s murder.

Meredith’s father John said: “I think it’s very insensitive of Amanda Knox, especially considering it is the fourth anniversary of Meredith’s death.

“The anniversary is obviously a very difficult time for our family and images like this don’t help.”

But these articles on Knox, and putting her under constant surveillance, are the epitome of sensitivity. (Note that the title of this "sensitive" article includes the word "slammed." "Slimed" would have been more accurate. )

I'm sorry, but I'll have to see the video of Kercher saying what he supposedly said before believing it. The media have been caught fabricating "quotes" from them, and these "quotes" always just so happen to be detrimental to Knox.

Note that even the photo tries to give the impression that she has alienated the world, when the fact is the vast majority of actual humans just want her to recover from her ordeal and be happy. On the other hand, Satan's puppets hate all humans, but can't admit it, because then their targeted attacks wouldn't be so effective. She was designated as a sacrificial lamb even before her arrest, and organized Satanism is nothing if not relentless in their quest to drive the human spirit out of the world. (Although Knox isn't a saint, she is a good example of the human spirit, and this was probably one of the reasons she was designated as a target.) They have no shame, and will continue parroting lies and misinterpreting everything she does until she is dead, preferably after going insane, which is what the "Christian" Mignini was trying to do to her. Once she recognizes what they are and what they're doing, she'll be able to ignore their sniping.

But I'm glad to see her mocking Mignini's & Co.'s pathetic cover story and caricature of her. If she had dressed in sackcloth and ashes, and were flagellating herself (for not acting as they think she should have acted in the aftermath of Kercher's murder, thus indicating that she's NOT the great actor which Mignini's hostage Lumumba claims she is), they would have found some way to turn it against her.

[1] For some reason, I don't notice a lot of the problems with my posts until after posting them. So, I correct them for a while until I stop noticing significant problems.