Monday, November 7, 2011

About Guede's "interrogation"

A prime suspect in the murder of British student Meredith Kercher has cracked under interrogation and confirmed that Amanda Knox and her boyfriend were at the scene.
Prosecution sources said Rudy Hermann Guede's confession was a ''nail in the coffin'' in the case and were delighted with his admission.

During six hours of questioning, the 20-year-old said Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were "at the house".
"It was very, very useful to the investigation and we will be putting it all in the file which we will present later this Spring."
Valter Biscotti, Guede's lawyer, said: "We were delighted with how it went. Guede again stressed his complete non-involvement in the murder."
Nick Pisa, the slime journalist of the British tabloids, has really out done himself this time. Nick has published a string of false stories about Knox that have resulted in her being unfairly imprisoned in Italian prison for the past four years, including lies about fake clean ups, fake blood, and other BS about fake evidence that didn’t exist. Unfortunately, Nick is back to his string of lies.

In a previous post, I wrote that Guede hadn't been intensively interrogated to determine the identities of the actual killer or killers whom he supposedly only assisted. THEN I decided to see if there were any reports that he had been interrogated, and my hunch was borne out. It turns out that Guede was "interrogated" and "broke down" WITH HIS ATTORNEY PRESENT, "admitting" that Knox was the killer, and that he was just peripherally involved in the incident. How convenient. If there's a video recording, I suppose we'd see the worst actors ever, reciting their scripts. If not, I suppose this "interrogation" amounted to a meeting of a certain liars' club, and that it included a discussion of what to do about Guede's semen on the cushion upon which Kercher's body was found. (They ended up pretending that it didn't exist.) Note that the article was written by Nick Pisa, a notorious member of the horde of journalistic crusaders against Knox.