Thursday, November 3, 2011

"American" and "Israeli" atrocities intended to create terror and "Islamic" terrorists

But however one wants to define these acts, the fact is that we have spent a full decade bringing violence to multiple countries in that region — and in all sorts of ways — ending the lives of countless innocent people. Outside of Iraq, that process over the last two years has accelerated in both frequency and geographic scope. And it has left in its wake a horde of dead-16-year-old Tariq Khans and half-blinded, double-amputee teenage Saadullahs about whom we hear almost nothing.

The notion that drone attacks in Pakitan's Twilight Zone region are intended to stop attacks on Americans is a lie. They are actually partly intended as "air terrorism," another one of Satan's gifts to mankind via the oligarchy, and partly to drive the victims of this terror into the arms of the oligarchy's terrorist-controllers. The only reason this policy has continued so long is that it's working, but for the reasons I mentioned above, not for its ostensible purpose of killing "terrorist leaders." If we wanted to get the terrorist leaders, we'd start by bombing Buckingham Palace.