Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another great victory in the war on the terror of Hell! (Rev B)

“There were no Taliban in the field; this is a baseless allegation that the Taliban were planting mines,” Mr. Samad said. “I have been to the scene and haven’t found a single bit of evidence of bombs or any other weapons. The Americans did a serious crime against innocent children, they will never ever be forgiven.”

from The fruits of liberation by Glenn Greenwald
But with the appeal to lower spirits comes the horrible notion that the gesture must not only be very small but very low; that it must be a monkey trick of an utterly ugly and unworthy sort. Sooner or later a man deliberately sets himself to do the most disgusting thing he can think of. It is felt that the extreme of evil will extort a sort of attention or answer from the evil powers under the surface of the world.

[Chesterton here admits some of the "logic" behind Satanism, while pretending that it's a means of harnessing demonic powers, when the fact is that it's a means which demonic powers use to harness humans. It just so happens that he was a British fascist too, posing as a sanctimonious "Conservative Catholic" like Mignini. Seems to be a popular disguise.]

In the reported incident, I smell the stench of the Superman. Why are none of these supermen ever put in the hot seat while their targeting video of the incident is played, and forced to justify their attacks? Oh, but we could never do THAT! That would put these highly dedicated warriors in DANGER! So, the entirety of the intelligence establishment is employed to keep their identities secret.

There is no doubt in my mind that this was a case of SRA - US State Secret Number Two. (Demonic possession is Number One - not even the omniscient, omnipotent Supermen are told this one. They're fed a diet of Nietzsche.) The idea in this case is to savor the act of doing something so low, in this case obliterating patently innocent children while watching from the comfort of an office, without taking any risk whatsoever (thus dispensing with the human virtue of courage), that the perpetrator develops the ability to enjoy killing humans simply because they are human. He probably thinks it's his ticket to occult powers, when in fact it's their ticket to his soul. (Note that it was done at an especially "magical" time: 11/23/11 or 11/24/11, a day or two before the eclipse of a new Moon.) This is what Congress would call "fiscal responsibility." After all, nothing is more important that creating new meat-puppets for Mammon/Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies.

Drone attacks also great for getting actual American soldiers killed

The good guys in the US military, which comprise the vast majority, should be concerned about these attacks (which are INTENDED to kill innocents for the most part, in order to terrorize everyone and to motivate them to sign up at the local British-run terrorist-recruitment center), because they're the ones who end up getting attacked "in response," mainly in the form of IED explosions. As I've indicated previously, the "war on terror" consists of terrorists on both sides attacking innocents on both sides in the guise of attacking terrorists. So, after the US terrorist faction kills a bunch of innocent Afghanis or Pakistanis with drones, the Taliban "get even" by attacking American soldiers who had nothing to do with the drone attack. The the cycle repeats, and as you can tell, the only limit is how long the US can afford it.

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