Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Does Big Brother just want us to BELIEVE he's spying on us?

On November 2, 2007, when British student Meredith Kercher was found stabbed to death in Perugia, Raffaele Sollecito was a university student and his girlfriend, American student Amanda Knox, was Kercher's roommate. Sollecito and Knox immediately became homicide suspects - which kick-started the Perugia police bugging operation.

Even though Knox and Sollecito were arrested and jailed four days after the Kercher murder, the police continued to wiretap every call and text made by Sollecito's extended family for the next six months.
In 2010, one of Raffaele Sollecito's lawyers, Giulia Bongiorno, introduced legislation in the Italian Parliament to apply some brakes on police wiretaps. Bongiorno is a member of Parliament and chairs its Committee on Justice. The proposed eavesdropping reforms were opposed by the United States. That, and internal Italian politics, scuttled the legislation last month.

So for now, roughly, one in every 470 Italian adults has their phone bugged. Police in Italy don't have mottos on their cars like police departments often do in the U.S. But if the Italian cops were to adopt a motto, the last line from The Conversation should be in the running: "We'll be listening to you!"

This raises an issue that I raised in an earlier post, and that is whether Cheney was involved in designating Knox as one of Mignini's targets in order to distract the US population from his own pernicious activity.

It would be interesting to know precisely what the US government found objectionable about the proposed eavesdropping reforms in Italy, since it might provide some clues about the extent of the Underwear Sniffer government's spying here in the US. I just assume that they're spying on everything, including my shopping lists. I now disconnect the internet before typing up my shopping lists, or a few things on the list will inevitably be "out of stock" when I get to the store. Nuclear warhead plans to Iran. (If everyone were to insert a few such phrases in everything they sent over the internet, the NSA would blow a fuse.)

Considering how rotten the Italian government is (as if they're unique in this regard), I would automatically assume that they never tell the truth, including their "admission" of such extensive wiretapping. One of organized Satanism's goals, as part of trying to give us an "escapist" mindset, is to make us feel that we're being watched constantly (like the signs reading "Big Brother is watching you" in 1984), although as indicated above, they DO watch us to some extent, perhaps to convince us that we're being watched constantly. If they told me that the sky is blue, I'd check.