Friday, November 4, 2011

Evidence that Guede might have raped Kercher as she died

Thus Maresca [Kerchers' attorney] blocked Amanda when, as was her right, she tried to question Rudy Guede in Court this Summer. MARESCA ACTIVELY BLOCKED THE EXAMINATION OF DNA IN SEMEN STAINS ON THE CUSHION ON WHICH MEREDITH’S LIFELESS BODY LAY. You would think, since sperm are pretty well concentrated male DNA, that this would be important if the Kerchers really wanted to find out whether Guede acted alone! But no, it seems their lawyer, on their behalf, doesn’t want to know. Finally, in the most outrageous example of insensitivity and prejudicial reasoning I have ever witnessed, this same Maresca, arguing for their conviction to be upheld at the end of the Appeal, in open Court showed repeatedly a macabre loop of Meredith’s stabbed and lifeless naked body, in front of members of the public such as myself. The message seemed to be that no one man could achieve this on his own without assistance, He furthermore referred to over 40 wounds, whereas she died from three stab wounds in the neck, all by the same small knife. The rest were bruises, and some defensive wounds on her hand as she tried to fight off her attacker.

So it would seem that Rudy Guede did indeed rape Meredith Kercher as she lay dying. Clearly this was intended as an advanced form of SRA - a Satanic "initiation," in which he was attempting to associate murder with pleasure. Afterward, he went out to a bar (an "anteroom" to an orgy) and danced, using some of the money he stole, thus continuing to revel in his dastardly crime. For all he knew, she was still dying, so as he danced, he was secretly nursing the thought that she was dying, and perhaps thinking about killing his dance partners.

It's also appalling to realize what the prosecution used as "evidence" that others were involved at the murder scene: bruises and defensive wounds, which one would expect as a result of someone trying to fend off a single knife-attacker.

Then there are the "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" aspects of the referenced article, such as the KERCHERS' ATTORNEY preventing the semen found on the cushion from being tested(!). It seems clear to me that Maresca was protecting a fellow Satanist from exposure as the monster he is. I'm beginning to wonder if the Kerchers are all suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. In a comment following the article, someone claimed that one of the Kerchers referred to Guede as a "gentleman" during a news conference!