Wednesday, November 9, 2011

High court's insistence that Guede assisted others is intriguing

Italy's highest criminal court, in upholding his conviction, said Guede had not acted alone. However, the court's ruling does not name Knox and Sollecito as Guede's accomplices, saying it was not up to the court to determine that.

In my opinion, Italy's "justice" system was set up as a playground for organized Satanism, as was abundantly demonstrated in the Knox case. If so, the highest court would probably be aware of this. Such a bizarre declaration, that the court KNOWS that Guede was assisting others, on the "basis" of a supposed lack of defensive wounds, strikes me as a hint that Guede was put up to murdering Meredith Kercher by organized Satanism, as a sort of "initiation," and as a "basis" for another of Mignini's witch-hunts, to replace his then-dying Monster of Florence-related witch hunt. He wasn't using the Kercher murder as a distraction, or to save face, but as a replacement for the MoF case, to give his coven [1] another victim.

[1] I've read that the "standard" number for an "occult" group is 12 members and one leader. Note that 12 people "interrogated" Knox, and Mignini, the leader, makes 13.