Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Hypocrite-in-Chief's latest initiative: turn China into an enemy

"What I have said since I first came into office and what we've exhibited in terms of our interactions with the Chinese is we want you to play by the rules. And currency is probably a good example," Obama said, referring to long-standing U.S. requests for China to let the yuan float freely.
"For an economy like the United States -- where our biggest competitive advantage is our knowledge, our innovation, our patents, our copyrights -- for us not to get the kind of protection we need in a large marketplace like China is not acceptable," Obama said.

So I guess that explains why he intends to destroy Iran's peaceful nuclear program, as soon as it starts generating power, on the "basis" of lies, and of course the "American" principle that might makes right, and that the rules don't apply to us. We can invade anyone we want on the "basis" of lies, kidnap anyone from anywhere on the face of the planet and spirit them away to a simulation of the innermost circle of Hell, and when they're on the verge of death or driven utterly insane, make them magically appear anywhere on the planet. To "justify" it, all they have to say is that they got some extremely useful information, so that as a result, the "war on terror" will last only until civilization collapses, instead of another decade.