Sunday, November 13, 2011

Interesting numerical combination from 1984

After realizing that the reason behind the cultivation of paranoia, or the sense of being under a microscope (as in the case of Amanda Knox, at least until recently) is to contribute to the sense of being imprisoned, and to create the urge to escape without being able to do so physically (thus tending to create an "escapist" mentality, which is an aspect of the 8th Sphere agenda), it occurred to me that the related phrase "Big Brother is watching you" from 1984 might provide some clues to this agenda. So, I converted in into numbers, and found that "Big Brother is watching you" converts to 18 86 28 85 61, that "Big Brother is" converts to 132, and then 6, and that "watching you" converts to 146, and then 11. So, this statement converts to 6 11 - the two key "magical" numbers of Satanism. This is a little too coincidental to be coincidence, and knowing Orwell, I doubt that this was an accident.