Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Italy's "justice" system mocks its victims on 11/22/11

(ANSA) - FLORENCE, NOVEMBER 22 - The Court of Appeals said the Florentine territorial jurisdiction on the case against the prosecutor of Perugia, Giuliano Mignini and the cop / writer Michael Giuttari. It 'was therefore annulled the sentence with which Mignini and Giuttari were sentenced to one year and 4 months and 6 months for abuse of office. According to the indictment, the two investigators had conducted investigations of journalists and officials to influence them, because 'critical inquiry related to that of the Monster of Florence. (ANSA).
The Court then ordered the transmission of documents to the Prosecutor of Turin , which is responsible for among the injured parties in the proceedings there is a magistrate of Florence Genoa. Mignini was the owner in Perugia prosecutor investigation on the death of the doctor Francesco Narducci , Umbrian believed that the prosecutors linked to the events of the Monster of Florence. Giuttari was the policeman who was in charge of the investigation.

This just confirms what I've been scribbling about Italy's "justice" system - that it was set up as a playground for organized Satanism to abuse innocent people in the guise of prosecuting them for crimes. The decision was partly intended as a form of SRA against all of those who've been raped by this aging predator who has superhuman powers by virtue of his position within the Italian Orwellian/fascist/Satanic "justice" system - the actual Italian "democratic" government. Are we supposed to believe that they didn't realize until now that the court didn't have jurisdiction? They might as well declare that they're above any laws which seem to apply to them, but which were just written to give the impression that Italy respects human rights.

This is a comment I posted a couple of days ago to another website:

"Conservative Catholic" (Mr. Pious) Mignini's goal has always been to destroy human lives in the guise of prosecuting criminals, of which he is one of the worst. (For example, I suspect that Guede murdered Kercher at Mignini's behest, with the goal of launching another "Monster of Florence"-type witch-hunt.) Mignini's "theories" were lies intended to provide excuses for "ritual" (repetitive) abuse. Mignini said that Knox was unknowingly part of a Satanic ritual, slyly referring to what HE was doing to HER. He is either a Satanist or a pod person. (They're so hard to tell apart, because Satanism is intended to produce pod people.)

SRA is gratuitous cruelty of any kind spanning a range from something barely noticeable to the most horrible torture-murder imaginable, with the more advanced forms typically taking place in "war" zones and torture chambers of dictatorships created by Satan-underling Mammon's financial empire. Organized Satanism, with the assistance of its anti-psychologists and hordes of lawyers ("Devil's advocates"), has made a top-secret science of tormenting people and has carved out legal domains for itself to abuse people within limits in "civilized" society. (It's the ultimate "black op" because it "doesn't exist.") For example, sleep deprivation in apartment complexes is rampant, and the management is complicit. Astral projection is employed in this sub-criminal activity to determine whether the targets are awake or asleep. (Astral projection allows them to perceive the separation between the etheric and astral bodies which occurs when we fall asleep. Note that the witch in the Blair Witch Project somehow knew when those searching for it were sleeping, at which times it would sneak into their camp and leave a sign of its presence.)

Each Satanist (who typically doesn't even know he's a Satanist) escalates their SRA gradually in order to have the desired effect. (Escalating too slowly wastes time, and escalating too rapidly might cause revulsion, instead of internalization.)

The purpose of SRA (the core activity of Satanism, which is pervasive) is to align the practitioner's will with that of certain subhuman spiritual beings known as demons, whose proper function is most succinctly described as decomposition. (G.K Chesterton referred to Satanism as "the religion of the demons." He provides some useful insights, but with the fatal notion that Satanists use demons, when just the opposite is the case. Black magicians use demons, but Satanism is not to be confused with black magic.) Once this alignment is achieved, possession takes place suddenly, and the person is no longer a person except in appearance. His human instincts have been replaced by the mental processes of a subhuman being of destruction, and he starts to feel pleasure in response to destruction, although his destructive urges are tempered by a cunningness which protects him from exposure. Satanists are of course not told this, but whatever it takes to get them to perpetrate SRA. Some of the basis for my claims can be found by reading between the lines in The Occult Movement in the Nineteenth Century, lectures 8-10. (The translator's assertion in the note at the end of Lecture 9, that Steiner might have been referring to the Assassins, is incorrect, and perhaps deliberately so.) A lot of my claims are based on observations over the last decade.

The "war on terror" obviously includes insane cruelty on a vast scale, destroying human lives on all sides, including the lives of American soldiers and their families. The Abu Ghraib "frat party from hell" was partly an SRA-fest (or pod-people gone wild) which was largely intended to provoke the Iraqi people into a suicidal rage against US forces. "Enhanced interrogation" and prisoner abuse in the world's prisons are also forms of SRA. The foreclosure crisis which is destroying millions of lives (along with the very houses which the banks tell us are their valuable assets) is another form. (We recently learned that certain employees of foreclosure mills mocked foreclosure victims as part of a Halloween celebration.) Those who have been made homeless by the "failure" of Mammon's economists look at all the housing going to pot, and probably wonder why the bankers wouldn't let them make smaller payments, instead of taking nothing at all and watching their assets crumble and provide havens for criminal activity. The answer is Satanism, which is partly intended to create an oppressive global Orwellian society designed to drive the human spirit out of the world, which Orwell in 1984 called "the obliteration of the self." (1984 is a covert revelation of the top-level agenda of the forces of evil.) That's what O'Brien did to Winston Smith in 1984, and what Mignini tried to do to Knox PRECISELY BECAUSE she is an apt representative of the human spirit of love and freedom.

Justice for Mignini would require him to be imprisoned for the rest of his unnatural life, but I seriously doubt that will happen, because he is a creature of Italy's Orwellian "justice" system.