Friday, November 11, 2011

Latest opinions on a couple of aspects of Knox case

In a previous post, I indicated that the Kerchers' reported plans to sue Knox were not what they appeared to be, because there was no basis for a lawsuit. It turned out that that the reports that they intended to sue were media fabrications, which abound in this case. However, the Kerchers continue to pretend that Guede was merely assisting others in the murder, and I suspect that they are being pressured and/or paid by Mignini or his cohorts to support this fantasy so that Guede can be released in a couple of years for good behavior, regardless of his behavior.

I've also reconsidered my assumption that Guede might be declared innocent in a couple of years, and released and "compensated" for "false" imprisonment. Considering the sheer amount of physical evidence that he was present at the murder scene (begging the question of how the supposed others involved left no physical traces), I now tend to doubt that even the Italian court system would try to claim that he's innocent. I don't recall what was going through my head when I decided that was a possibility, but evidently not enough. I now assume that he will be released in a couple of years and compensated in other ways for his service to organized Satanism. As a result of his crime, and his cooperation with Mignini, many, many people were put through hell, and millions became fixated on the case, and many obviously still are. New angles continue to occur to me, and I throw them out there, sometimes without sufficient consideration.

My main interest is using this prime opportunity to expose organized Satanism because they went way out on a limb to "get" Knox - to destroy her soul, precisely because she is innocent, good-hearted and intelligent. (There might have been other motives, such as to create a distraction from what our government is doing, or not doing, and of course, providing Satanists within the "justice" system with opportunities to subject her to SRA for what they apparently consider to be beneficial effects on themselves.) I've noticed its efforts to cover its tracks, and I suppose that there are people who would welcome an alternative explanation because mine is too dark for them to accept.

I never intended people to consider my opinions as authoritative, because I'm not particularly intelligent, but as just another theory to test. I especially hope that nobody tries to use my site to try to identify pod people, because this very dicey, and it can ruin your reputation. (However, when I consider "people" such as Mignini, I seriously wonder, because he has destroyed hundreds of lives, and I can't imagine anyone doing that unless he enjoys it.) My intent was to prevent people from falling into this trap.