Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Libya: Organized Satanism's latest sandbox

Those increasingly being targeted by “disappearance squads” are family members and associates, even former domestic employees such as gardeners, handymen, and household staff of former regime affiliates. Homes, cars, furniture, of former regime affiliates are being systematically confiscated. Torture has become the normal means to elicit information regarding the whereabouts of individuals thought to still be supporting the former regime. The reason, according to one former Libyan official who barely escaped one of the French squads and who now resides in Egypt, “is the same reason drones are so popular with your US military, torture works. Not 100% but it’s better than the other options.”

Another lesson in civilization from the British Empire: torture works. Well, if it's so effective, and its only purpose is to obtain information and suppress rebellions, why is it used so much? The fact is that although torture MIGHT be an effective means of obtaining information, there are more MORAL ways, but the British empire pretends to be above morality, when it can't hide its amorality. It substitutes piousness for morality.

It seems to me that this supposed hunt for former members of Gaddafi's regime is just a cover story for Satanism, which flourishes in chaotic situation. The goal is to create as much chaos as possible, and having a bunch of Satanists disguised as soldiers preying on defenseless people is a good way to create terror and chaos.