Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mammon's media shows its true colors, revs up SRA vs. Knox on anniversary of the start of her ordeal (final rev) [1]

FREED Amanda Knox has been slammed as "insensitive" after being pictured sauntering down the street to a Halloween party.

The 24-year-old was snapped out and about in Seattle wearing a wooly beanie hat and sporting a drawn-on curly moustache and goatee beard.

Last night victim Meredith Kercher's father said that images like this don't help the family, particularly as today is the fourth anniversary of Meredith’s death and the last photo of her alive was taken at a Halloween party.

The outfit chosen by 24-year-old Knox - whose conviction for the murder of British exchange student Meredith Kercher was overturned last month – was bound to cause controversy after she was originally convicted of simulating a burglary in the wake of Meredith’s murder.

Meredith’s father John said: “I think it’s very insensitive of Amanda Knox, especially considering it is the fourth anniversary of Meredith’s death.

“The anniversary is obviously a very difficult time for our family and images like this don’t help.”

But these articles on Knox, and putting her under constant surveillance, are the epitome of sensitivity. (Note that the title of this "sensitive" article includes the word "slammed." "Slimed" would have been more accurate. )

I'm sorry, but I'll have to see the video of Kercher saying what he supposedly said before believing it. The media have been caught fabricating "quotes" from them, and these "quotes" always just so happen to be detrimental to Knox.

Note that even the photo tries to give the impression that she has alienated the world, when the fact is the vast majority of actual humans just want her to recover from her ordeal and be happy. On the other hand, Satan's puppets hate all humans, but can't admit it, because then their targeted attacks wouldn't be so effective. She was designated as a sacrificial lamb even before her arrest, and organized Satanism is nothing if not relentless in their quest to drive the human spirit out of the world. (Although Knox isn't a saint, she is a good example of the human spirit, and this was probably one of the reasons she was designated as a target.) They have no shame, and will continue parroting lies and misinterpreting everything she does until she is dead, preferably after going insane, which is what the "Christian" Mignini was trying to do to her. Once she recognizes what they are and what they're doing, she'll be able to ignore their sniping.

But I'm glad to see her mocking Mignini's & Co.'s pathetic cover story and caricature of her. If she had dressed in sackcloth and ashes, and were flagellating herself (for not acting as they think she should have acted in the aftermath of Kercher's murder, thus indicating that she's NOT the great actor which Mignini's hostage Lumumba claims she is), they would have found some way to turn it against her.

[1] For some reason, I don't notice a lot of the problems with my posts until after posting them. So, I correct them for a while until I stop noticing significant problems.