Tuesday, November 1, 2011

On the "best actress ever" lie

Everyone's heard Mignini's puppet/hostage Lumumba's claim that Amanda Knox is the world's best actress ever. So, why isn't she studying acting, or already a professional actress? Why aren't actor-scouts beating a path to her door? Wasn't it her failure to act conventionally in the aftermath of Kercher's murder precisely what Mignini used as "proof" that she was involved? If she were such a great actress, wouldn't she have known how to act at that time to "fool" everyone?

So, another of Mignini's lies bites the dust. In a sane world, the spotlight would be kept on him and Guede, not Knox. The media would constantly badger Mignini and his puppets with questions such as those I've just raised. But the fact is that keeping the spotlight on Knox is a continuation of organized Satanism's witch-hunt against her, without the benefit of the Italian "justice" system. But at least they're showing their true colors by badgering a patently innocent young woman, and they're just going to destroy what little credibility they still have.