Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pakistan raid reeks of Nissour Square massacre

KABUL: A cross-border incident involving NATO and Pakistani forces was quickly defused early on Wednesday with no loss of life, The New York Times quoted Brig Gen Carsten Jacobson, the spokesman for the American-led international coalition, as saying. The incident apparently involved heavy artillery fire across the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in Afghanistan’s Paktika province, the report said, adding that few other details were available. Pakistan’s military, however, refuted the report, saying no such incident took place. “There was no fresh clash between Pakistani troops and NATO force on Pak-Afghan border on Wednesday,” an Inter Services Public Relations spokesman said.

The above excerpt indicates that the US has a proclivity for making false reports, similar to the imaginary attack on a US convoy that was blamed for the Nissour Square massacre in Iraq. It was a supposed attack on a US patrol from the vicinity of a Pakistani border post that triggered the recent attack which killed about 30 Pakistani soldiers, who were supposedly sleeping through the gunfire erupting from their post.

The denials from the top of the US command structure that the attacks were deliberate are nonsensical. The Pakistani military claims that the US military acknowledged that they were attacking the post soon after the attack started. So, are we to believe that the US military assumed for TWO HOURS that the Taliban had taken over the post, even though the Pakistani military was telling the US that it was attacking Pakistani soldiers?