Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Satanic/oligarchical origin of Darwinism

With an appropriate allusion to the Jacobin dictatorship, the Committee of Public Safety which emerged during Lord Shelburne's French Revolution to send hundreds or thousands of people to the guillotine, this historian concluded, "The X Club, which represented all branches of science, might be called a 'Committee of Public Safety' for science." Indeed, they referred to themselves as such.

Their proclaimed devotion to science and progress was belied by the fact that most or all of the X Club members were devotees of two men in particular: Herbert Spencer, and another agent of the BEIC, Thomas Carlyle, a personal protégé of John Stuart Mill and the messiah of a New Dark Age. Carlyle called explicitly for the destruction of all industrial society and a return to feudalism, where, yes, the lord could torture or kill his serfs, but that would be a more noble existence than that of the modern serfs, degraded by the culture of industrialism.

With the backing of related elite clubs, many of them dominated by the Cambridge University Apostles, over the next three decades the pro-feudal maniacs of the X Club took over most of the top positions in British science, and reshaped the ruling culture of Britain itself. They dominated the Royal Society, as well as most of the top institutions running educational policy in Britain, including the numerous parliamentary committees whistled up to ram through "reform." As just one example among dozens, Huxley himself chaired the London School Board, which set elementary education policy for the rest of the country, and which the London Times declared to be "the most powerful body outside Parliament."

So, there it is, just as I suspected: Darwinism was concocted by the Cult of Isis (which lies at the core of the British oligarchy, and which is the "mother" of organized Satanism) and merely attributed to Charles Darwin.

One theme shines throughout this article, and that is that the oligarchy has difficulty keeping all of its lies straight in its quest to advance its evil agenda in the guise of the betterment of mankind. One of my favorite examples from this article is contained in the following passage:
And that was precisely the same as the core of Darwin's argument in The Descent of Man. He devoted all of Chapters II and III, both entitled "Comparison of the Mental Powers of Man and the Lower Animals," to show "that there is no fundamental difference between man and the higher mammals in their mental faculties."
Here's a guy whom the oligarchy claims is a brilliant scientist, and he tells us that humans are no smarter than animals. Yet their eugenics theories are supposedly intended to foster the selection of mentally-superior races and individuals. So, although we're no more intelligent that animals, some human races are more intelligent than others.