Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Scumedia celebrates beginning of "magical" 11th month by inflicting a little terror on its patrons (revised)

FACING world outrage for their barbaric practice of beheading prisoners, Saudi Arabia’s rulers responded in ruthless fashion.
A man accused of sorcery was hauled to a public car park, where his head was chopped off in front of dozens of onlookers.

So naturally these "objective news outlets" had no choice but to post the video of this atrocity.

Who knows why he was really beheaded, and when? Posting videos of it was probably intended as a form of emotional abuse similar to that of of "the Kerchers'" attorney "accidentally" flashing Meredith Kercher's autopsy photos in open court several times in front of adolescents and media photogs, who obligingly snapped away. Some of these horrific images might have turned up on the internet as a hint of the true anti-human mindset of those who claim to want justice for her, but who actually just want to stir people up against Knox.

Note that while they demand justice for Kercher, they do everything they can to downplay their apparent fellow Satanist Guede's guilt, probably in preparation for him to be released in a year or so, declared innocent, and given a million bucks. I haven't seen any indications that he has been systematically abused by the authorities while in prison, and I'm willing to bet that the media won't put him under the microscope 24 hours a day when he gets out.

Revison: Deleted non sequitur at end of last paragraph.